The Flock

This goes to all people who don’t get to visit Maximum-X.

New photos of The Flock made by the community members. Check ’em…

Maximum Ride by Max. Just Max

Maximum Ride by Max. Just Max (Uhm...)

Fang by starbluluv

Fang by starbluluv (I thought he's got longer hair but still... )

Iggy by Dylin

Iggy by Dylin (Ig looks awesomest ^_^)

Nudge by FlufflyFuzzball

Nudge by FlufflyFuzzball (Nudge, nudge...)

Gazzy by Nadia

Gazzy by Nadia (Weird...)

Angel by BlogObsessed Buddy

Angel by BlogObsessed Buddy (Ange's cute, Ange's cute, Ange's cute! Oh! There's Celeste!)


Total by PercyJacksonPenguin

Total by PercyJacksonPenguin (Total's totally cute. Though, I didn't imagine him sticking his tongue out...)

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Stripz Vol. 1 Ish. 1

This post starts my posting of a collection of comic strips – just like the one in the papers. Sort of a comics page. I hope you enjoy!



Andy Capp

Andy Capp





Hagar the Horrible

Hagar the Horrible

I actually ain’t to certain if this is legal but I just got these strips from my Arcamax newsletters.

Disclaimer: None of these strips are mine.