That officer-thing still bugs me…

It kinda gets into my schedule.

If not for it I could have gone home, went to the bank, deposited some money, then ordered my books. Then, I would only have to wait for one more week. But since they had that “seminar for student leaders”-thing I wasn’t able to go home. Now I would have to wait for another two weeks.

edit: One more thing, there was another induction of officers yesterday during the seminar. Thing is, like before, I did not accept it – I don’t want it. Funny thing is, we were asked to sing the university hymn and I know no jack about it! Haha…

Crap! Anyway, let it rip!

I’ll just take a breath and hold on.

This sucks!

Time is ten-o-something. Travel time to home is 2hrs – 3hrs to Tacloban. Bank closes at 3pm.

Why that stuff?

Because I’ve got all enough time to go back home, go to the bank and deposit some money – ’cause I already have enough since someone told me that our stipend’s arrived . But I can’t. Why? Because of that treasurer-crap. They’ve got some activity for officers scheduled tomorrow. If only I can go home, my books will arrive in one or two weeks. But since I can’t go home. I’ll have to wait for 3 or more. Ugh!


This treasurer-crap is really getting in my way – somehow.

But, whatever! Let it rip.

I can deal – I guess…

I’ll just hold on.

More trash-talk about that treasurer thing…

Yeah, trash talk.

Whatever. I’m so not over that stuff yet.

Induction of officers – done.

“Oath”-taking – done.

But it’s not like I actually did so. I know you guys are familiar with the part when the whoever-inducts-officers says, “Repeat after me.”

Yeah, I did – literally did.

W-I-O: “I, state your name…”

moi: “I, state your name…”

W-I-O: “…as, state your position…”

moi: “…as, state your position…”


Well, it’s not like it matters to them – but it does for me; I haven’t accepted the job. Dunno if I actually would want to do so.

Whatever. Let it rip.

Treasurer?! Moi?!?

You are so kidding me.

Well, whatever.

Previous problem done. I got accepted to the class I was supposed to be in – thank God. But now, I have a new one – a long term one.

Moi, Skye, treasurer?!? Org officer?

What were they thinking?!? I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever been a treasurer – let alone officer. And I have no freakin’ idea about being one.

Why didn’t I object? ‘Cause I was like, “Go on, guys. It’s not like I’ll win anyway.” But I did. Fortunately or unfortunately? I’ll leave it to time.

I don’t know.

But maybe… Not maybe… I’ll take on this challenge.

God help me.