Finals week!!!


It’s the finals week. I’ve got no exam permit but I’ve already taken two exams – yeah, with no permit. Hahaha…

Anyway, one of them said, “You can take the exam without a permit ’cause your an ‘officer.'” Not that I really am anyway.

And befroe I wrote this blog, I was palyin’ CrazyKart. Awesome!

I am so posting this!

Maximum Ride manga news!

Yeah, I know, I know. You guys might have already seen these from Fang’s blog. But still. I. Am. Posting. This.

This is how the guys from Maximum Ride looks like – at least in the manga. (Finally! We get to see them.) Though Nudge looks so, so weird.







The manga is certainly a must-get, must-buy, must read!

the timing is so right…


Notice the date.

Great! Just great! What’s the date today? May 11. Yeah. And Ghost Whisperer is talking about disasters that happened May 3. Cool. Awesome. The timing is just so right. It’s 2008. The first tragedy happened 2003. The last one “will” happen 2007. They were talking about five’s. Bummer that it’s 2008? Dunno. it’s just creepy cool.