Taxing the Ones Barely Scraping By

How is it that the BIR could even think of imposing a tax on the small earners?!

I am talking about the small vendors and pedicab drivers.

Why could they even think of such a ridiculous proposal?

As Sen. Pia Cayetano has stated, “Why are we going to tax the small fries and not go after the big-time tax evaders?”*

The government can be desperate but are they too desperate for income to even think of taxing these people? And they are even thinking of implementing the receipts-for-all-transactions-over-25-pesos on this people.


I can bet that the amount these people can earn will not be enough to cover for registration costs and the costs of the OR’s.

While some of them can agree so long as their stalls will not be demolished everytime someone who feels like king feels like doing so, this still makes for one of the most ridiculous and impractical law that can be made.

As the senator has stated, there is no point in going after this people. Instead, the BIR should be thinking about how to tax these people who have been avoiding their dues since they have learned how to.

Or maybe, the BIR is just too weak and have already admitted defeat. Would that be the case?

Could they somehow have thought of just leaving the big fishes swim freely because they can do nothing about them already and just go after the small ones?

That will just be very sad.

I can only hope that they will not push through with such a stupid taxation law.

*Not her exact words

Tacloban City PUJ’s Rerouting, Again

Yes, once again, the PUJ’s headed to Tacloban City are gonna be rerouted.

I’ve been hearing about this since Monday. The driver said that they new route is gonna be implemented this coming Monday, July 26, 2010.

This time, the rerouting will allow the PUJ’s to reach the city proper just like before.

This was, of course, much to the favor of the various owners of the PUJ’s and the disappointment of the owner of the Robinsons-Tacloban PUJ’s.

According to the driver of my ride this morning, this new route was signed by the majority of the operators but, as can be expected, not by the owner of the aforementioned PUJ’s.


Simply because this Robinsons-Tacloban PUJ’s get a lot of their income from the passengers who have to cut their trips and get down at Robinsons Mall because the PUJ’s cannot go to the city proper.

Most of these passengers are students. Which includes me.

Besides the very obvious income factor, they seem to be flat-out ignoring the fact that people pile up in that area every morning just to get a ride to the city. And they, we, have to race to the door of the first mini-PUJ to arrive because we are all trying to get to school, or work, for some, and not be late.

It’s good to know that they have somehow noticed us already.

On a side note, not all drivers are aware of this yet as has been proven by the driver of the PUJ I rode in yesterday.

But the question remains whether this will last even for a year because there is also a rumor of a new terminal to be set up in Palo. Also, I have heard that these Robinsons-Tacloban mini-PUJ’s are owned by a very influential individual. And the Tacloban-New Bus Terminal mini-PUJ’s, too.

And there will always be lobbyists…

How to Earn Money Online

I’m kidding.

I’m not gonna talk about how to earn money online here; like, which programs to use and such. I just wanted to state a point.

I have long realized how amazing is the fact that a lot of people have learned how to earn money online and some of them have been able to quit their day jobs to fully embrace the so-called “dot-com lifestyle”.

Also, you can find a lot of places in the web where people try to tell you how to become a millionaire in a very easy way, in such a short time. Well, some of them are real. A lot, most of them are nothing but hype.

I just wanted to say that earning money online is not for everyone. Not all of us can be internet earners.

Most of these proven and effective ways* of earning money online requires you to be, in one way or the other, a writer. And NOT all of us are writers.

I am not talking about business outsourcing here – those are not what people who write about how to earn money online talk about.

Most of these internet earners will tell you about search engine optimization (SEO), link building, and the like.

But you cannot be able to do SEO if you have nothing to optimize because you don’t know what to write about or how to write.

While you can say that, “Of course, we can all write. We just have to scour the internet, find a few things there, then, put together those things you’ve found.”

Or maybe a simple copy-paste of some articles from other people will do.

But those wouldn’t work. Traffic to your site will ALWAYS be dependent on content. As they say, “Content is king.”

People wouldn’t want to go back to a site that is full of stuff from other people’s sites.

Originality counts a lot. Also, keeping things interesting is equally important.

If your blog can’t keep up because you can’t write about anything, you will most likely fail.

While a lot, if not all, of us wants the easy money and some of us thinks about earning this money online, some of us just can’t do it. Either because we lack the skill or the commitment.

When we get to realize that, we can all conclude that it is a simple truth that there will be nothing in this world that was created for everyone.

Note: Don’t take this as an expert’s opinion. I am no expert in this kinda things. I’m just giving my 2 cents.”

*Yes, they exist and, I, myself have earned a few dollars online.

A Notalgic Commute

Commuting can be a source of different kinds of simple wonders in life – the chance to observe people, to interact with society.

It can also make you feel a few different things: enjoyment, when you drive by a beautiful, scenic landscape and the only chance you get to appreciate it is when your not driving your own car; amusement, when you happen to observe a very random funny moment in the streets; concern, when you get the chance to observe the state of the areas which just ignore and drive by; fear, most especially when you are much too concerned about a hold-up or your ride falling on it’s side; but, oddest of them all, nostalgia.

It happens when someone from the days past happens to ride with you by a simple swing of fate.

You get too afraid to approach the other party as you are thinking that they do not remember you anymore. But he thinks otherwise. He says, “Hi” and it startles you. However, you manage to get yourself together and you get to reply with a “Hello”.

Then, a conversation starts. It amazes you that you can still talk with each other after all those years that have gone by. You are able to keep up with the discussion and you get to learn a few things.

But the angel of fate didn’t mean it to last long.

The ride suddenly ends for either or both of you. Without even saying goodbye, you go your separate ways.

However, the only thing you can do is watch his back as he walks away.

In the end, you are left alone, just like how your ride started, but with your brain suddenly getting flooded with all those things from the many yesterdays you have shared with the other person and the few other people who have shared them with you while wondering whether or not you will see each other again and, even, why you had to see each other so randomly.

Senior Citizens Act: Fail!

This bill has been in existence for years now. They have even expanded it into a broader and, supposed to be more, beneficial “Expanded Senior Citizens Act”.

However, it is still evident in the society that a lot of establishments and public utility vehicles are not following rules stipulated in this bill. I can site a lot of examples.

The day before yesterday, I was on a jeepney and I heard an old woman complaining about the fare. She was obviously old enough to be a senior citizen and she was telling the collector so. However, instead of answering to her plea, the collector just let the woman’s words fall into deaf ears. Even my mom have a few similar experiences.

In some drugstores here in Tacloban, the situation is as bad. In one, there is a “senior citizen” section. My mom told me that she lined up there but when payment time came, her receipt didn’t reflect the discount she was supposed to get. When she asked why, the pharmacists answered with a, “We are no longer implementing it.” In some cases, senior citizens no longer bother to line up in a senior citizens’ section or show their ID’s because, according to them, they will not be entertained if they do so.

Now, I do know that this bill was the first one that the new Aquino signed. However, I don’t believe that signing the Expanded Senior Citizens should’ve been his top priority. I know it is easier to do, but implementing it should’ve been the one he looked at first.

I know there is a punishment for people, or any concerned party that does not implement the discount. But given that there is almost no monitoring to this, we can never be certain that the seniors are getting the privileges they deserve.

When Drugs Go Digital (via The Miller Times)

If this is really true, this can be more difficult to supress than the physical drugs like coke, meth, E, etc.

When Drugs Go Digital Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all … I read a story on the Huffington Post yesterday about teenagers getting a high off “digital drugs.” They call it i-Dosing. Here’s how it works: i-Dosers lay motionless with headphones on while listening to binaural sound clips from YouTube for 10-minute periods. This equates to a type of sensory deprivation experienced with other drugs like ecstasy or LSD. From “Those who want to get … Read More

via The Miller Times