The irony/weirdness/oddity/however-else-you-may-call-it of poverty in the Philippines

I bet all of us know that the Philippines is one poor country – financially that is. A third-world country. High poverty rate, high corruption rate, low GDP and stuff that tell us so. But sometimes, I just can’t help asking or wondering if the Philippines really is poor.

Thing #1. Almost everybody’s got a cellphone. Even those people who you wouldn’t think of having one. PUV drivers, peanut vendors (No, not honey-roasted peanuts but just some deep-fried peanuts, I guess, that’s how you call it.), everyone! Yeah, we have prepaid services here in the Philippines but still.

Thing #2. Go to a squatter’s area and you’ll find concrete houses with almost complete arrays of appliances.

Thing #3. Vendors, mobile vendors, who were previously walking or riding bikes are now riding motorcycles
which can consume a fairly good amount of the freakin’ expensive gasoline! I guess, that’s what you call progress.

How do these guys handle to get these things?!? Well, I guess, maybe, just maybe, it really is progress.