Separation of Church and State, Not!

It seems to me that the Church is really pushing for the dissolution of the idea of the separation of the Church and State for they continue to meddle in state affairs.

Truly, they shouldn’t. They couldn’t even keep their own order in check and now they want to engage in politics?

They can’t even hold together the Church for real and yet they want to get involved in matters which do not concern them?

I don’t get how that is supposed to make sense.

Today is the National Heroes Day. The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) wants to “celebrate” it by organizing a one-million-people-march against the so-called pork barrel.

I did understand, if only for a bit, why they had such a strong opinion against the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill. Now, Reproductive Health Law.), but I cannot understand why they want to get involved in such a matter concerning the financial resources of the state.

The previous issue, of the RH Bill, involves the question of the life of the unborn child. While the newly-passed legislation doesn’t include a provision for the legalization of abortion in the Philippines, they stretch it that far and say that the direction is definitely headed there.

Indeed, it is a possibility which cannot be denied.

However, what have the Church got against the idea of the government giving an allowance to lawmakers so that they may be able to realize projects for their communities?

Truly, the PDAF, Priority Development Assistance Fund, isn’t all bad. Scrapping it altogether would require a new method with which a representative or a senator could get funds for projects. Whatever this new method will be, it can be exploited just as easily as the pork barrel can be.

Clearly, the appropriation for these funds is not the one at fault here. It is but in the handling of these funds where everything goes wrong.

So, now, answer me. Why is the Church calling for a march against funding that supposed to be helping the poor (a sector of the community which is supposed to be the top priority of the Church given Pope Francis’ principles) instead of calling for a march against the abusers of these funds?

They are already meddling in affairs which they shouldn’t have anything to do with unless, of course, they want the Church to all over the State like it used to, why are they taking it from such an angle?