Like, a lot is going on

I kinda found it funny how I made my other blog sound like this one – the words as quoted below. Anyway, a lot of thoughts are in my head and I am willing to keep ’em there til I can get ’em together and make something sensible out of ’em and post ’em here… And since I haven’t posted in a while, right now, I have these:

Before I went online, I was able to attend a lecture on gender sensibility by an instructor from the Institute for Strategic Research and Development Studies and it was actually good – to mean that the person has got some point. It actually became a discussion over the issues that the university is facing right now. Apparently, this place I’ve got on the school right now has given me something that I couldn’t have had given some situation else. It’s actually good to know what’s on in your university. There’s, unfortunately, too much office politics going on. Some dirty things here and there… And some sort of writing for Soulstere will be up soon… I just gotta put everything together. The ish right now is mostly in the upcoming Ms. VSU pageant. I never thought there is as much issue in it until now.

On the project, I kinda ain’t certain about its status… It’s rather too much for me that looking for a problem is the toughest problem of all…

On the Philippine politics…

The president’s SONA was two days ago. I can wonder how real the contents can be. And I kinda find it funny that in a sense or two, she can sound like she is campaining for some people. Anyway, I didn’t watch, hear, or read the SONA ‘09. Well, not from the president herself.  Someone else read it to me. Yeah, read. Which removed my need to read it myself. Thank you. I kinda didn’t appreciate it that most people wouldn’t care about what’s going on as most people I’ve asked will just tell me that they didn’t bother about it.

And… I’m still not over the fact that the president can’t stick to one language. I ain’t demanding for everything to be in English and neither am I demanding for that entire speech to be in Filipino but I’d demand for every sentence to have just one language. I can accpet her mixing up two languages in snetences – switching from one to another every sentence or two – but I can’t accept her switching languages between words! (I wonder if that one was just too vague or not.) Anyway, a lot seems to be going on.

One more thing… There’s this AkoMismo program/promotion/whatever-else you may want to call it. At first glance, it sounds like some awesome program to promote clean elections or something – some-I-can-do-this-for-my-motherland thing. But, hey! It’s me I’m talking here… It’s just too commercial. Anyway, I ain’t got much against it. If you believe in it, go on.

The spirit behind AKO MISMO is DDB Cares, the corporate social responsibility arm of the DDB Group in the Philippines, a group of companies engaged in the business of communications. For many years now, DDB Cares has championed advocacies it firmly believes in: protecting the environment, supporting the rights of women, the education of children, voting responsibly, to name a few.

Why should there be a presence of business?! It kinda sucks, you know. Yeah, they have those advocacy and such but the point is… In one way or another, it’s still business… Too commercial, too commercial..

DDB Cares believes there is an urgent need to bring hope to Filipinos, particularly the youth, in the face of growing cynicism that is heightened by the current political, economic, social and moral crises.

Too real, actually.

I guess, I can’t add more to it right now… I’ma post this under watch as this is one of those times, I think…

Oh, hey… Here’s something… The school pub wasn’t able to escape the discussion. I’ma have to include it… It has to be anyway…

One more thing… The university infirmary… Which, as from the discussion earlier, is now called the VSU Hospital… How [word omitted for risk of being too harsh]…


‘Been trying to download CrazyKart. Well, actually, I’ve finished downloading the exe and zip files but both are corrupted. CS said that I should use normal download. I did so but it stopped at 185Mb. I tried again and stops at one point and won’t continue. I checked my connection and it was ok.

LevelUp!, so UNCOOL!

(Plus the CS replies with automated messages…Uncool!)

The irony/weirdness/oddity/however-else-you-may-call-it of poverty in the Philippines

I bet all of us know that the Philippines is one poor country – financially that is. A third-world country. High poverty rate, high corruption rate, low GDP and stuff that tell us so. But sometimes, I just can’t help asking or wondering if the Philippines really is poor.

Thing #1. Almost everybody’s got a cellphone. Even those people who you wouldn’t think of having one. PUV drivers, peanut vendors (No, not honey-roasted peanuts but just some deep-fried peanuts, I guess, that’s how you call it.), everyone! Yeah, we have prepaid services here in the Philippines but still.

Thing #2. Go to a squatter’s area and you’ll find concrete houses with almost complete arrays of appliances.

Thing #3. Vendors, mobile vendors, who were previously walking or riding bikes are now riding motorcycles
which can consume a fairly good amount of the freakin’ expensive gasoline! I guess, that’s what you call progress.

How do these guys handle to get these things?!? Well, I guess, maybe, just maybe, it really is progress.