Cat Days: Some observations from the first 24 hours

Yesterday afternoon, I took two kittens from my sister’s place and brought them back here in my place.

I thought I knew enough about cats but, apparently, there were a few things I was yet to learn and I’m quite sure there are a lot more things I could learn about them.

I wasn’t even half-way to my place when I learned the first thing about Tiger and Lynx.

  • Cats mostly take care of themselves. Unlike dogs, they clean themselves up and they clean up after themselves.
  • Cats become familiar with whatever it is you transported them in. I tried to make a new place for them when we arrived but they still went back to their box, anyway. They don’t sleep there, though.
  • Cats like to sleep in just enough places then they huddle together. They slept in the distance between their box and the new one. It’s got some sort of roof because I used the flap of their box as a bridge and they sleep under that bridge.
  • Cats know how to keep their environment clean. I woke up really early this morning to too much light from outside my room and to my cats. I was still sound asleep while they were already playing around. Then, they realized they still had some food left over from last night so they decided to have their first breakfast.After that, Tiger started clawing away at my sandals. I thought the cat was just playing with the rubber. It was only when Tiger started clawing at the concrete when I realized what the cat was actually doing: Tiger was trying to dig, getting ready to take a dump.

    I was so certain because I’ve seen cats do it before. And I realized I was yet to get the litter box prepared. (It was already late in the afternoon so…) I was too late to realize what Tiger was doing so I was too late when I came back. It was done.

    Not a good picture, I know, but dogs won’t even dig.

  • Cats a picky when it comes to eating. Not the food but where the food is. They seem to not eat anything that has gone out of the plate, so to speak.
  • Kittens handle separation well. I thought they’d be mewling all night like their mother did when the litter before this one was sent away. They didn’t. Then again, it probably helped that I brought two with me instead of just one. I thought one would need another to play with so I decided to bring two.
  • Cats like being together. Lynx has jumped to my bed already but Tiger seems to be the weaker jumper and couldn’t make. I had to help it up because… I just… Well, the cat was trying to jump up to the bed but just couldn’t!

That’s quite a few already and that’s before the first 24 hours is even over but I know for sure that as these Cat Days go on, I am bound to learn a lot more about them.

They love my bed. I will have to secure my bed. For now, they can stay.

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