The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger continues the search for Voldemort’s horcruxes in the seventh installment of the Harry Potter movie series.

Or, wait…

Should I have said that the search for the Deathly Hallows begins here?

Anyway, the point is… The long wait is almost over and to celebrate the coming of the latest movie, I will post the movie poster!

Yes. Ever since I read the books, I’ve turned fan. The bad news is, we will have to wait a few more months for the finale. I am expecting a movie worth of an epic. Though, it can also be a goof thing as it means that we have one more thins to look forward to.

And, yes. After a few posts, this is the first of its kind. I can only hope that the movie theater here in my place will go with the times and show the movie on the proper date.

I wonder if the poster itself is too much of a spoiler.

Yes, folks, Hogwarts will be destroyed in the sense portrayed in the poster.

See you all at the movies!

The Golden Age of Disney and Philippine TV

This thought has occurred to me more than once…

I can call those times the “Golden Age”. Why? That was the time when I was still a small kid and Disney gives us stories in 2D cartoon that we enjoy and make a lot of sense. So was it with Philippine TV.

As for Disney, that was the time when they give us stories like The Lion King and Pocahontas.

As for Philippine TV, that was the time when we can watch shows like Ang Munting Paraiso (The Little Paradise), I think they got the ides from 7th Heaven, Hirayamanawari, I wouldn’t know how to translate it but it’s a show full of magic, and Wansapanataym, it’s still “once upon a time” just spelled differently.

I’m like, where have these shows gone?

It seems to me that the Disney and Philippine TV scene followed our generation.

When I was little, fairy tales and magic where the thing. As I grew up, those two entities seem to grow out of those fantasies, too. They went on to shift from that age of magic to the age of my generation where there is less magic and more reality.

Magic just seems to slowly die…

It’s like, they are following our generation as their audience. Yeah, I know there are still some times when they give the little kids a little something but it just doesn’t seem to be the major thing anymore.

Yeah… The nostalgia…

Boo to Kanye West, Go On Taylor Swift!

The title might be too harsh but it’s just what I can think of that kind of behavior.

This was supposed to be just some comment to the article at R&R Daily – “Kanye West Storms the VMAs Stage During Taylor Swift’s Speech” – but it got pretty long and I found some stuff while reading the comments…

I’m never really the kind fan who only goes for one artist and be all about him/her/them. I listen to Kaye West, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé…

But what in the world was that?! I mean, even if he thinks Beyoncé deserved that award, couldn’t he have waited and let Taylor have her acceptance speech. The girl deserves her moment alright and Kanye ruined it for forever. To think that it is her first VMA award. Poor Taylor…

And what’s up with the MC defending him?! Yeah, we all have the right to say what we wanna say but there’s a right time for everything. K. West could’ve just blogged aout it. It would’ve been better if he blogged ’bout it and not blog his apology.

Yeah, I know Beyoncé knows how to do her thing, the dancing and all, but come on people, what’s so special about the MV of “Single Ladies”? I ain’t tryna bash Beyoncé here; I listen to her too. I can listen to that song but the MV wasn’t something awesome. I mean, really… It was nothing but her and two girls dancing like whatevers… Then again, I DON’T DANCE… Anyway, “You Belong With Me”‘s MV is way better.

If this wasn’t a stunt for MTV and Kanye did it all by himself and for his publicity, that was just so freakin’ disrespectful. What in the hell is wrong with him?! Now I’m thinkin’ ’bout deleting all the Kanye music in my rig but then again…

I didn’t like Miley’s “Party in the USA” at the Teen Choice Awards but I didn’t delete here music in my rig. The biggest reason would be “Butterfly, Fly Away”.

Or, I think I’m wrong… Points to deleting his music in my rig as I that move was beyond stupid and outright rude. In my book, he really lost a lot of points… He can go down the level of pathetic… That was pretty childish, you know. ‘Bet he acted on impulse.

And he said, “I’ll let you finish.” but I don’t think she gave Taylor the chance to finish as when he returned the mic, Taylor’s time was up.

Was he high? Or is it just normal for him to be doin’ that as he doesn’t care about other people having some attention for themselves as he wants all attention to him? He pretty much got a lot with that move; including this post and look at all those comments to the article at Rock & ROll Daily.

It was cool that Beyoncé called Taylor back to the stage to have her moment; she so deserved her moment. But the thing is… She ain’t never getting her moment back…

I’m just wondering why Taylor cried hysterically, as the article states. Maybe it was the shock or something… Or whatever… I hope “hysterically” was just an overstatement if she really did cry.

Anyway, Kanye, that was too disrespectful, rude, classless, and well, heartless…

I wonder if that stunt pulls his career to the end or he somehow releases one new song and gets another hit as a lot of people will become more curious of him…

(One thing, I ain’t got no MTV so I wasn’t able to watch that show. I just got the news from some other source so I don’t know who were the other people in that category which Taylor won.)

My online radio’s still gon be KDUVfm…

Those are my words…

One comment really hit me…

Abdul Kareema Wheat | 9/13/2009, 11:11 pm EST

Typical negra inability to act responsibility or as an adult in the rapper negra’s case.

What a stupid useless race.

What is up with that?! That’s totally racist! “Typical”?! That totally implies that he thinks that negra people are unable to act like adults… What on earth?!

And neither do I think that the issue’s about race, ethnicity or something like it…

Anyway, I just got some news that he’s apologized already – twice on his blog and once on a talk show…

Heroes (Season Four)

I’ve always love Heroes and I wait for every season to come. But apparently, there has been negative reaction to the show since Season 3, or maybe even 2. I’m not the kind of person who is into the story much but I get their point. Plotholes, characters going weird, villains – I get it.

And then I’ve thought that it’ll be released this September 2009. Then, someone suddenly calls me up telling she totally love the season four cuz of this and that. That got me wondering. Websites tell me that the release is gon be this September so I am wondering if she was actually able to watch season four. Or what she saw was really season four. Anyway, in an effort to bring Heroes back up, NBC has put Prison Break‘s Robert Knepper as regular. The release of season four has not really become a major event for those who watched season one in all its glory but the addition of Knepper seems to have made the fans give the show a second chance. As for me, I’ll keep watching.

Here’s the trailer for Heroes Season Four:

Heroes, Volume Five: Redemption

On High School Musical 3: Senior Year

(November 11, 2008, 05:45pm)

I had the chance to watch High School Musical 3: Senior Year last night. And, yeah, the premiere was a few days ago. But what can I do? Anyway, I just have this sorta review/opinion/comment on the movie. I ain’t too much of an HSM addict but I can watch the movies over and over… Oh, and btw, it was sort of an illegal copy so I’m sorry. Ya know, the kind that sounds like “the owner of this motion picture did not earn from this”.

I was like, woah! What on earth happened?!?

Well, ya see… Senior Year doesn’t have the drama that HSM1 and HSM2 was able to give us. It’s not got the conflict that 1 and 2 has got. It’s not got the thrill that 1 has got. And most importantly, it doesn’t have songs as catchy as the ones from 1 and 2.

I was kinda shocked that it wasn’t as explosive as 1 and 2. And the way the movie started… Not too awesome. It was a bit of a bummer, though, that I knew that “The Rocketman” was to make a winning shot. But I didn’t think that his shot was as lame. Admit it, his shot didn’t look so cool. Troy’s assist was uber-awesome, though. But HSM1’s opening was still cuter. And HSM2’s was cooler. Those were more awesome openings.

Yeah, I know, the productions are bigger but I was actually expecting Senior Year to be the best of the bunch. But I was kinda disappointed that it wasn’t. I kinda felt that the story was a bit shallower. HSM1’s got the fullest story, I think.

And where are those uber-awesome Sharpay moments?! Like, “Gimme a beat.”

Well, maybe, too much Troy and Gabriela?!

Yo, Mr. Kenny O., what was that?!

Oh, and this was just an opinion…

No harm intended. I still loved the movie. And [The Last Waltz] was cute…

Oh, and after watching the movie, I was like,

“Yeah, we’re gonna have fun in the sun. Knock ‘em all around, work, work it out… Let’s rock and roll and just let go, fell the rhythm of the drums…”

Sick joke: Oprah Winfrey, dead

Check this link…

Oprahdeath’s Weblog

It’s a joke right?! From one of those people who’s got nothing in their lives – one of those death hoaxes. A lot of ’em’s been ’round the internet these days. They can just get old sometimes.

So far, I’ve got no confirmation yet. Some people who added comments made screenshots of the new being posted at BBC. I tried their link in the screenshot but the page seemed like a made-up one. I tried to search the BBC website but found none similar. dismissed it as just some rumor.

Well, anyway, it doesn’t sound so true. Oprah’s just one of those poor victims of death hoaxes. If she’s actually dead, the world would have known, like, immediately. She’s one big person and the world knows her.

Too bad for her.

Here are some pages I found using GoogleSearch: