The Golden Age of Disney and Philippine TV

This thought has occurred to me more than once…

I can call those times the “Golden Age”. Why? That was the time when I was still a small kid and Disney gives us stories in 2D cartoon that we enjoy and make a lot of sense. So was it with Philippine TV.

As for Disney, that was the time when they give us stories like The Lion King and Pocahontas.

As for Philippine TV, that was the time when we can watch shows like Ang Munting Paraiso (The Little Paradise), I think they got the ides from 7th Heaven, Hirayamanawari, I wouldn’t know how to translate it but it’s a show full of magic, and Wansapanataym, it’s still “once upon a time” just spelled differently.

I’m like, where have these shows gone?

It seems to me that the Disney and Philippine TV scene followed our generation.

When I was little, fairy tales and magic where the thing. As I grew up, those two entities seem to grow out of those fantasies, too. They went on to shift from that age of magic to the age of my generation where there is less magic and more reality.

Magic just seems to slowly die…

It’s like, they are following our generation as their audience. Yeah, I know there are still some times when they give the little kids a little something but it just doesn’t seem to be the major thing anymore.

Yeah… The nostalgia…

2010 Elections Buzz

How big exactly is the 2010 elections?

I’m just wondering cuz I’ve seen previous elections and there wasn’t as much buzz as the 2010 elections is getting. Or is it just me?

Yesterday, Pres. Arroyo announced the Teodoro-Manzano tandem and admitted that the 2010 elections is a big test for their party?

How exactly is it so?

Besides that, it seems to me that this is the elections with the most presidential candidates. Usually, there’s just the administration and the opposition.

The submission for candidacy starts today and I can just wonder how many people the ComElec will have to screen and get rid of – the ones referred to as nuisance candidates.