Unclosed: Ending the Hiatus

A hiatus is a pause in which nothing happens, or a gap where something is missing.

It’s been about a year since I posted that previous post. It is about that time when I didn’t know what to do with the blog anymore.

I started blogging at a different WordPress page, J’s log, at jauntyskipper.wordpress.com. That was even a few months before the hiatus. It’s a page full of tumblelogs. A page of posts that will be considered asides if put in this same page.

I like it in there, too. I put down thoughts in there. Words I deem worth quoting from any one of my readings. Things I notice in the world around me that I consider worth putting into words. Passing thoughts. Ideas. Pieces of code. Just whatever. It is a tumblelog of just about all things I come across that I had the time and chance to put down.

However, this page has been started. And it’s somehow remained alive despite the huge break in the posts. I realized it’ll be a total waste if I simply abandoned this page.

And somehow this time seems like a good time to start posting again. To begin with, I’m posting something new that can be read about in this page. Of course, I’ll still be writing about the old stuff. But it never hurts to expand your reach.

* Definition taken from “Collins Cobuild Advanced Dictionary of English” © HarperCollins Publishers 2009

Change of blog header

Uh-huh, I changed my blog header…

previous header

previous header

new header

new header

I still love Maximum Ride. But this time I wanna make my statement.
Tell me which one is better.
And speakin’ of Max Ride, I haven’t had any updates on the movie and the possibility of a fifth book. I have been checkin’ Fly On but they haven’t talked ‘bout it lately. No updates on the UK website, too. And the James Patterson website newsletter hasn’t told me anythin’ new. But I’ll be checkin’ as often as I can.