The Wise Turtle of the Gulf

Cool, deep blue waters nurturing life, shimmering fierily where light struck it. Iridescent coral reefs sheltering the smallest of creatures. Schools of fishes freely swimming, taking on the natural cycle of life.

Life has been as blissful for me and the other creatures whom I’ve spent the first few decades of my life with. Life has been genuinely resplendent. It has almost appeared surreal. All those times we were always grateful that we were blessed to have been born in such a wonderful place.

We have come to believe that our existence will never be disturbed. That our lives have begun and will end in this paradise. We knew of humans but we have also believed that our seas are far too distant for any of them to be able to lay waste to this splendid space.

Evidently, we are also mindful of the reality that humans, irrespective of how superior they imagine themselves to be, are capable of being such savages.

However, we have been mistaken. We have not foreseen that our waters will be encroach by humans for the day came when they started building a huge metal structure in the middle
of the ocean.

Being the creatures that we are, we couldn’t prohibit them. We weren’t able to protect our waters and stop them from proceeding. Days passed while the humans continued to slowly destroy our home while we lived in the shadow of the fear that we may not wake to see a new day. We didn’t know what they desired.

After some time, they appeared to have finished their metalwork as there have been no visible alterations in the structure for a few days already. We observed as we tried to understand what the humans wanted. We have also been grateful that it didn’t seem like they came for us.

Soon we were able to infer from their activities and movements that they were digging into the depths of the Earth and are gathering a rather black and filthy substance.

We soon opted to attempt to live in the manner that we used to – the way we lived before the humans came to our waters. It never occurred to us that this foul matter will bring a catastrophe to our kind.

The day came when the metal construction failed and it was engulfed in flames. Soon, the black matter spread all over the beautiful waters. Naturally, we too began to get bathed in black. The seas became a dark and filthy space while we struggled to live.

Days went on and our numbers continue to decline. My brothers slowly died and soon the ocean started to be filled with our lifeless comrades.

The glorious waters that we once lived in peacefully have now become a revolting dark space.

Soon, I know, soon I will join my brothers. We know better than to depend on humans to make things right. And I will leave this foul place grateful that I no longer have to endure this misfortune that the humans brought upon us.

Global warming or global cooling?!

After reading a few articles on global warming and the environment, I came to ask this question. It is similar to the title of one of the articles I’ve read.

I’ve leanrt that the notion of a  global climate change is on question. Some are saying that the climate research is not totally accurater and we might not be really experiencing a global warming – we might actually be experiencing a global cooling.

While the global ice caps are melting, suggesting a global warming, some countries are freezing, suggesting a global cooling. Debates about the climate change are existent.

There was this Kyoto Protocol, an international environmental treaty produced at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), informally known as the Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 3–14 June 1992.* This was to reduce the use of some greenhouse gases and two more gases. Scientists state that these gases are the ones worsening our climate. But some people counters this notion and states that we can do nothing about this global warming and this might actually be a case of global cooling.

My question is which side is right? Is there really a global warming or a global cooling?

that “global warming” thing…

Could’ve posted this yesterday – Earth Day. Not ‘coz it was Earth Day but because I kinda “cooked” this up yesterday. Didn’t have a chance. Major blackout. About 6hrs or so. Watched “Signos” last night ’til very early this morning. T’was worth it. It made sense. Very informative – though it would have been better if they’d aired it on an earlier time and not at 11pm. So much for the rants.

What I actually want to say is that this SUCKS! Big time! I mean, did the problem really have to be this big before those who know can make a move? Information is a big, usually useful thing. Why’s it that those guys are making a better move just now? They should have seen it! This problem has been existing for years now. If those people wanted to help, they should’ve done more. I mean, it was obvious that their campaigns were not working well and they should have changed it for the better. What were they waiting for? Facts of deaths and disasters? Figures of how many people have died because of it’s effects? That’s totally weird!

Here’s the deal, I’m not blaming anybody here, ‘coz I know I, too, could have done better, but I’m just trying to state my point. And it’s true. Environment advocates never really campaigned for Mother Earth like the way they’re campaigning now. If they were moving better years ago, or just people, whoever, everyone getting cautious for their every move thinking that this might destroy our planet, I bet the problem would never be this bad. If information have been spread years ago, even since the Industrial Revolution started, this place would have been better.

But as they say it’s never too late. We can never revert this, ‘coz as experts say, global warming is irreversible, but we can still do something not to make it worse, right? Every little thing makes a difference. HUGE. We can all help.

Call me nature freak or whatever, I don’t care! I just don’t wanna live in an oven, that would have been a literal living hell, and neither do I want to live underwater! (Do you?)

P.S.This is one of the few times that my blog makes sense…