Jewelry Galore

Do you have a special event to attend? If you are looking for some jewelry shopping, I’ve found the right place for you. This shop is a rather unique online shop. It has links to most, if not all, of the internet shops available – like a world wide web crawl. Most shopping sites will only give you links to internet stores that has paid for placement. That is not the case in ShopWiki. They will give you links to almost all internet shops available giving you a wider array of products.

I tried to look for my own birthstone, and they really do have a long list. 15 Pages of results is already amazing for a shopping site. If you don’t fancy jewelries, they have a really wide range of products that can be found in the homepage. Watches are also included in the jewelry page.

The Sport watches in their catalog is also a wide list. And the results are not just items or products than can be dubbed as disposable. Brands include Nike, Timex, and Pulsar. They even have Disney! So if you are looking to shop for jewelry or watches, you can totally count on this site.

HR 1109

Ok, I don’t really get it much but what exactly is it about?

I’ve posted this link at a previous blog and it contains the document. All of the resolution. You may want to read it if you please. HR 1109

I didn’t mind reading all of the document, reading all of those names is much of an effort for me, but the starting line, or whatever-else-it-is-called  states:


These lines can make me wonder why the opposition people are so against it. It does not state that the Con-Ass will revise the constitution but it will make the members of the congress convene to consider some proposals of the amendment. “Consider” does not really mean to approve it right away, right? What will it hurt if the congress convenes?

Now, I’m not really a pro to this con-ass. I’m, staying on the neutral side as long as I don’t get what is really in it.

A local radio broadcast earlier stated that there is nothing wrong with amending the constitution as some of its provisions are already aged. But the problem will lie on the part of the extension of the president’s term and the non-election next year – I think, this is most of the point of the opposition.

True, the constitution is aged – 1987. It’s been two decades since it was last amended. Changes to this constitution wouldn’t hurt. But does a change in the constitution also mean a change in the government system or is a change in the government system is what the administration really pushing? Now, I’d want that answered…

But more importantly, what exactly do they want to amend in the constitution? I’d need an answer for that…

Unusual Air

I got these photos from a news from Yahoo! and a link to LiveScience

“Unusual Air” cuz the photos are of weather.

The first one is from a June 20, 2006 photo. They say this one deserves to be made into a new cloud type.  The clouds seem to be straight from a Sci-fi movie but according to the news, it’s a real photo. You be the judge.

"It looked like Armageddon," said Wiggins, a paralegal and amateur photographer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "The shadows of the clouds, the lights and the darks, and the greenish-yellow backdrop. They seemed to change."

"It looked like Armageddon," said Wiggins, a paralegal and amateur photographer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "The shadows of the clouds, the lights and the darks, and the greenish-yellow backdrop. They seemed to change."

This next one is of a lightning. They’ve called it a sprite – a carrot sprite at that. Y! tagged it as a strange lightning looking like a jellyfish.

"Oscar van der Velde captured this image of a carrot sprite as it flashed above a thunderstorm near the south coast of France in June. Credit: Oscar van der Velde,"

"Oscar van der Velde captured this image of a carrot sprite as it flashed above a thunderstorm near the south coast of France in June. Credit: Oscar van der Velde,"

They can amaze me sometimes…

The Con-ass

I kinda find the name wacked but still. I’m just here to continue my watch.

I’ve heard from the local radio news about this issue and somehow, it didn’t sound so good to me. I mean, the news. The news was about the submission of the House Resolution 1109 – the purpose of which was to convene representatives in the so called constituent assembly which seeks to change the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines. But more to that, there was the talk P 20M being handed out to each representative to bribe them to back up the ratification of the 1987 Constitution.

Of course, I heard about it the next day and it, the resolution, was welcomed by a massive protest. In the middle of the issue about the Influenze A(H1N1), the protest pushed through as scheduled.

Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay said neither the rain nor the Influenza A(H1N1) virus will stop the 20,000 people set to protest at the city’s central business district.

The police has stated that maximum tolerance will be given but freedom of expression is still bound by the rule of law. (And that i won’t dare call freedom – at least, not absolute.)

“As a final note, let me remind everyone that freedom of expression is not absolute, it is limited within the bounds of law,” added the PNP spokesman.

The motion of the opossition will depend on how the pro con-ass people will react. It can escalate to a deeper protest which can be called the People Power.

I am not really very certain if this so called con-ass is really to approve the ratification or just to debate on it as the news makes it sound different. As I’ve read, the HR 1109’s purpose was to convene the people of the house and not yet to sign the charter change. As a lot have been saying, the president of the Republic of the Philippines has been practicing the cha-cha – pun intended. But add in P 20M and that would be an entirely different story.

Though, we can never be certain about stuff like these, they can be big contriuting factors and the fact that rumors about such spread, we can always say that there is some truth about it. It might just be exxagerated or told in a different way but rumors have sources…

edit (news for today):

After the massive protests against the efforts of the administration a cabinet official has said that the President Arroyo has put House Resolution 1109 on hold. The reason for putting HR 1109 on hold was not clearly stated – whether the protests has affected the president’s decision or not. Though, Finance Secretary Margarito Teves has said that HR 1109 was one of the bills that was set aside to prioritize the proposed revenue measures.

The protests against this HR was sparked, in one other reason, by the supposed plan of President Arroyo to extend her term beyond May 2010 through the change in the constitution.

Her spokesmen deny that she plans to stay beyond her mandate.

The news here…

Checkin’ my stats

We all do it. But I’m mostly into it to know how people find my way into my blog – yeah, mostly, I check on the referrer URL and check on them. Here are some I’ve found:

I’ve been seeing this referrer URL for quite some time now. I tried checking on it’s blog page and found out it says, “interactive blogging”. Ok, I get the system… Though, I have no time to read it all, so I still wonder why he called his site so…

Oh, here’s the content of the about page:

Alpha Inventions is an experiment to connect webmasters (bloggers) together faster.

Well, what do you know! The site said, “three ways to promote your blog”. And one of those is mentioning the site in your blog. Am I really into promoting my blog? No, not really. Given the content. No, thanks. But thanks anyway… And, yeah, I still did so cuz it’s what I wanted to do now. I ain’t going back on it…

Though, I still ain’t too certain how these sytems found my page… One thing, I get the search engines…