Grand Santacruzan 2010

I could’ve written about the event and posted pictures from it but before last night was anywhere near over, the whole BEC has managed to disappoint me well enough.

The Santacruzan or sagala is supposed to be the culmination of the month-long celebration of the Flowers of May or Flores de Mayo. This tradition has spanned generations – I believe, it is one of the good things that the Spaniards have given the Philippines during the days of the colonization; well, at least, I believe, it is a part of religion.

Unfortunately, I believe, this tradition has almost hit the dirt given the changing times. However, I was happy to learn that, somehow, some people are putting on an effort to try to help this tradition live.

But I wasn’t wrong about the changing times.

You see, I have never thought of it as a form of a beauty pageant. I’ve always thought that it is a cultural and traditional activity and I have respect for cultures and traditions.

My mindset was far from it being any form of contest.

But before the mass started, I have learned that it was so. I thought that each member-baranngay of the BEC was assigned queens to represent. I was told otherwise.

I guess, I was the only one who didn’t know so. Apparently, each member-barangay of the BEC was to give representation for every queen for the sagala – including the Reyna Elena, the queen of queens; or so, I think.

The mass, itself, was a disappointment. The people were very busy about their costumes and props and didn’t bother to hear it. They chose to stay outside the church and do last-minute adjustments on their whatever that needs fixing.

After the mass was the parade. Fortunately, it came and went smoothly.

The final point of the parade was in the covered court that was barely able to fit all the participants. And this is where the biggest disappointment came from.

The highlight of the night was the announcement of the so-called “Reyna Elena 2010”.

The judgment system was the whole setup for a beauty pageant. It was bad enough that they had each barangay have a Reyna Elena but they made it worse by making it sound like some beauty pageant and judging the representatives according to beauty and poise.

I don’t mean to sound like a person very much against beauty pageant but it doesn’t seem right to me.

It all makes me question the point of the feast and confuses me about its significance.

Why does everything have to be a pageant?

Well, seeing as the court seemed to be setup for some disco, I believe, the night ended for them with music and dancing.

As for me, the night ended with me being sufficiently exhausted both from the walking and the disappointment.

I know this post would’ve been better with some pictures from the event but I am still on the process of saving up for either a camera or a mobile phone with a camera. I leaning for the latter.