Treasurer?! Moi?!?

You are so kidding me.

Well, whatever.

Previous problem done. I got accepted to the class I was supposed to be in – thank God. But now, I have a new one – a long term one.

Moi, Skye, treasurer?!? Org officer?

What were they thinking?!? I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever been a treasurer – let alone officer. And I have no freakin’ idea about being one.

Why didn’t I object? ‘Cause I was like, “Go on, guys. It’s not like I’ll win anyway.” But I did. Fortunately or unfortunately? I’ll leave it to time.

I don’t know.

But maybe… Not maybe… I’ll take on this challenge.

God help me.

This is so not good…


This day was a not-so-good day and I so don’t like it.


Simply ’cause, I’m in danger of losing my scholarship not because of my fault but because of that pre-registration stuff. Whatever!

It’s not like it’s my fault. Now I’m just hoping that that instructor’s got some of the thing they call consideration and allow me in her class ’cause I really can’t afford to lose my scholarship – especially if it wasn’t my freakin’ fault!

But I know Someone up there is guiding me.

I need His help this time – big time.

So what was that supposed to mean, huh?!?

So what was that supposed to mean, huh?!?

June 14, 2008

I rode a bus earlier on the way home. I thought it’ll be an oh-so-peaceful accident-free ride. Well, it was accident-free but it so wasn’t oh-so-peaceful.

Well, uhm, maybe there were only a few of us who noticed but it wasn’t good.

First, a stupid motorcycle driver tried to overtake a truck on the other lane and it was a freakin’ sharp turn – down the hill slopes. And, yeah, we almost crashed with that motorcycle.

Then, another stupid person, a minibus driver stopped to pick up some passengers. The thing is he didn’t think of moving to the safe side of the road where he can stop to pick up his passengers – we were on the same lane. And guess what? We were inches from bumping into that freakin’ minibus. If only the breaks weren’t as good, God knows what could’ve happened.

You might be wondering where I was seated. I was seated at the third set of seats from the front most. Omens. Whatever.

Good thing is nothing bad happened except I arrived home so weak feeling like I wanna do nothin’.

JERK! Total jerk!

[June 1, 2008]

JERK! Total jerk!

I don’t care if his waaaaaaay older than me but, really, he’s a total jerk! Scums of nature! I’ll be just too happy if I never see his face again!

I can live without a hateful a day. Thank you.

He’s a total mood-wrecker! I was here enjoying some songs in my laptop and there he comes so full of himself ruining my oh-so-good day! Jerk! If only he’s not a freakin’ costumer I wouldn’t have had to talk to him – again; he’s ruined my day once before. I’m just so unfortunate to be on duty in our store in time when he buys his grocery.

‘Cause he so full of air he scolded me told me not to be “stupid” even if I’m doing my job right. First time he came I wasn’t able to give his order a second plastic bag, and he scolded me for that. This time I was hurrying, but accurately doing my job, because he’s not the only costumer there is and I’m the only one on duty in our small store and again he scolded me for that telling my not to be in a hurry because he’s not! Jerk!

(Breath in, breath out…)

If only I’m not good enough to respect elders, I could have talked back at him. But no, I’m not as tough as that. Whatever.

Funny thing is I remembered what another person told me about him the first time he ruined my day,
“Just let him be so. He’s not got much time to live that’s why he’s got that attitude.”

Thank you.

June 15, 2008

That jerk came back to our store. Same drill. He sucks! Total jerk! With a capital letters J-E-R-K!


I so don’t like this!

[June 1, 2008]

What date is it today? June 1, 2008. Yeah. And that means school is just around the corner and I don’t like it. Really. I so don’t like it. But it’s not like I have a freakin’ choice. Whatever!

If only I can stop time, oh so classic, that would be better. But no, I’m no Hero.

It’s just, it sucks! School sucks! If only school is cool then it would be okay.