That officer-thing still bugs me…

It kinda gets into my schedule.

If not for it I could have gone home, went to the bank, deposited some money, then ordered my books. Then, I would only have to wait for one more week. But since they had that “seminar for student leaders”-thing I wasn’t able to go home. Now I would have to wait for another two weeks.

edit: One more thing, there was another induction of officers yesterday during the seminar. Thing is, like before, I did not accept it – I don’t want it. Funny thing is, we were asked to sing the university hymn and I know no jack about it! Haha…

Crap! Anyway, let it rip!

I’ll just take a breath and hold on.

This sucks!

Time is ten-o-something. Travel time to home is 2hrs – 3hrs to Tacloban. Bank closes at 3pm.

Why that stuff?

Because I’ve got all enough time to go back home, go to the bank and deposit some money – ’cause I already have enough since someone told me that our stipend’s arrived . But I can’t. Why? Because of that treasurer-crap. They’ve got some activity for officers scheduled tomorrow. If only I can go home, my books will arrive in one or two weeks. But since I can’t go home. I’ll have to wait for 3 or more. Ugh!


This treasurer-crap is really getting in my way – somehow.

But, whatever! Let it rip.

I can deal – I guess…

I’ll just hold on.