What makes a noob?

The following are words I read from a magazine I just read:

Do you feel insulted when someone calls you a noob? Well, suffer no more and grab a copy of the following game guides that will surely hone your skills to be a master of your own craft.

I couldn’t disagree more.

I say, the fact that one will “grab a copy” and read any such books is exactly what will make one a complete noob.

Reading about games doesn’t make you master of it. Playing those games will.

Oh, I should say, it’s not a gaming magazine so…


‘Been trying to download CrazyKart. Well, actually, I’ve finished downloading the exe and zip files but both are corrupted. CS said that I should use normal download. I did so but it stopped at 185Mb. I tried again and stops at one point and won’t continue. I checked my connection and it was ok.

LevelUp!, so UNCOOL!

(Plus the CS replies with automated messages…Uncool!)

I am so happy… ecstatic maybe!!!

I was finally able to play my all-time favorite online game ROSE Online… (that was yesterday…)


It just rocks!!!ROSE Online forever!!!

thanks AruaROSE…!!!

I’ve just started but I’m gonna continue playing and make my character stronger and better…

It really was very sad when pROSE had to shut down but…

ROSE Online, I’m back! I am so back!