World Hunger and Hope

This holiday season, what gifts did you receive?

Did you get a fancy new gadget? An awesome gift card to your favorite shopping destination? Or maybe new shoes? New clothes?

How much food this you have last Christmas eve?

Take a look at the following:

  • Domestic food prices in about 46 developing countries are higher than 12 months ago
  • The number of chronically hungry people in the world, rose in 2008 due to the food crisis & is set to top 1 billion this year
  • Financial crisis + food crisis = 1.4 million to 2.8 million additional infant deaths by 2015

The issue of world hunger is not a joke, it never was.

The New Year is about to come and I am pretty certain that party plans are already underway.”

How about you take a moment and try to give a hungry person the Gift of Hope?