This sucks!

Time is ten-o-something. Travel time to home is 2hrs – 3hrs to Tacloban. Bank closes at 3pm.

Why that stuff?

Because I’ve got all enough time to go back home, go to the bank and deposit some money – ’cause I already have enough since someone told me that our stipend’s arrived . But I can’t. Why? Because of that treasurer-crap. They’ve got some activity for officers scheduled tomorrow. If only I can go home, my books will arrive in one or two weeks. But since I can’t go home. I’ll have to wait for 3 or more. Ugh!


This treasurer-crap is really getting in my way – somehow.

But, whatever! Let it rip.

I can deal – I guess…

I’ll just hold on.

I so don’t like this!

[June 1, 2008]

What date is it today? June 1, 2008. Yeah. And that means school is just around the corner and I don’t like it. Really. I so don’t like it. But it’s not like I have a freakin’ choice. Whatever!

If only I can stop time, oh so classic, that would be better. But no, I’m no Hero.

It’s just, it sucks! School sucks! If only school is cool then it would be okay.