For the Victims of Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy)

Music for Relief at Social Vibe has set its new goal to the Philippines – relief for the victims of typhoon Ketsana. I actually didn’t wanna leave the Whaleman Foundation until the goal is reached but I would also want to help the victims of Ondoy. It is an immediate need and another typhoon is headed their way. It is really a good time for everyone to come together and help each other.

Please click on my badge to help. Every click is certainly gonna count.

It’s just too bad that these sponsor badges don’t work here at WordPress. I just wish WordPress can do something about this as SocialVibe gives us two sponsors but we can’t post their badges…

Update: New sponsor badges from SocialVibe…


Save the Whales

Save the whales, save the world!

Well, that sounds like Heroes‘ “Save the cheerleader, save the world!” But in any case, Hayden Panettiere, Heroes‘ cheerleader that needs saving, is calling for help to save the whales.

This is a call to help stop the needless slaughter of the whales in Japan, Norway, and Iceland.

Click here to join us!

Save the whales again!