Stayin’ up all night, all night

Time Check: 11:56pm (my phone’s clock)

Still, I don’t wanna sleep.

I don’t wanna do anythin’ school-y. I have three unfinished lab reports in physics; two have gone past the deadline. The prelim for Exer6 is still unfinished. And I just told myself, “I’m gonna submit this all the week after the sportsfest.” I wonder if I can actually do it. My class tomorrow is at 7am. I guess, I’ll just finish the prelim for the sake of the group. Whatever’s on with me?!?

I think, I’ma catch a cold…

I so don’t like this!

[June 1, 2008]

What date is it today? June 1, 2008. Yeah. And that means school is just around the corner and I don’t like it. Really. I so don’t like it. But it’s not like I have a freakin’ choice. Whatever!

If only I can stop time, oh so classic, that would be better. But no, I’m no Hero.

It’s just, it sucks! School sucks! If only school is cool then it would be okay.