No October 2010 Elections

I know it doesn’t sound so good. However, it’s still a rumor – a very bad one at that.

I’ve heard about it from my Mom last Saturday. She said it was my aunt, who is a barangay chairman, who told her about it.

It’s not yet certain. However, I don’t like that at the beginning of the administration of the new Aquino, there is already a probable cancellation of elections.

In my view, this is bad PR. And it will even become worse if they really will not push through with the October 2010 elections, as scheduled. If this goes on like tjhis, we can also think that this administration also hopes to be able to cancel the 2016 presidential elections.

I can only hope that this is indeed just a rumor and there is nothing more to it.

Sick joke: Oprah Winfrey, dead

Check this link…

Oprahdeath’s Weblog

It’s a joke right?! From one of those people who’s got nothing in their lives – one of those death hoaxes. A lot of ’em’s been ’round the internet these days. They can just get old sometimes.

So far, I’ve got no confirmation yet. Some people who added comments made screenshots of the new being posted at BBC. I tried their link in the screenshot but the page seemed like a made-up one. I tried to search the BBC website but found none similar. dismissed it as just some rumor.

Well, anyway, it doesn’t sound so true. Oprah’s just one of those poor victims of death hoaxes. If she’s actually dead, the world would have known, like, immediately. She’s one big person and the world knows her.

Too bad for her.

Here are some pages I found using GoogleSearch: