Learning, From the Bright and the Gloomy

Do things happen for a reason?

Of course!

Cars sometimes get totalled in collisions because of the force of impact. Leaves from trees fall because they dry up. Houses get destroyed in a storm because of the sheer force of nature. Skin ages because of oxidation. One feels hungry because of the acids in the stomach. One feels thirsty because of the body’s need for fluids. And all those other things.

OK, I’m kidding. That’s not exactly the point of the question is it?

But I do believe that all things fall to one: learning. Whatever happens to us, be it tragedy or triumph, it’ll always depend on how we look at it. For everything that happens, the culmination would be whatever we get it from it.

If it’s worth a celebration, we can simply be thankful about it, take whatever insights we gain from them, and learn about how we can improve through them. If it’s rather mournful, best idea would be to buck up, keep yourself together, accept that it’s happened, and learn from it. Most of the time, they say, it is for the better.

Tragedy or triumph, there is no point being stuck in the moment. Change is the only thing permanent. If it’s a good thing, be thankful while it lasts. Otherwise, don’t worry about it. It’s not permanent, either.