Taxing the Ones Barely Scraping By

How is it that the BIR could even think of imposing a tax on the small earners?!

I am talking about the small vendors and pedicab drivers.

Why could they even think of such a ridiculous proposal?

As Sen. Pia Cayetano has stated, “Why are we going to tax the small fries and not go after the big-time tax evaders?”*

The government can be desperate but are they too desperate for income to even think of taxing these people? And they are even thinking of implementing the receipts-for-all-transactions-over-25-pesos on this people.


I can bet that the amount these people can earn will not be enough to cover for registration costs and the costs of the OR’s.

While some of them can agree so long as their stalls will not be demolished everytime someone who feels like king feels like doing so, this still makes for one of the most ridiculous and impractical law that can be made.

As the senator has stated, there is no point in going after this people. Instead, the BIR should be thinking about how to tax these people who have been avoiding their dues since they have learned how to.

Or maybe, the BIR is just too weak and have already admitted defeat. Would that be the case?

Could they somehow have thought of just leaving the big fishes swim freely because they can do nothing about them already and just go after the small ones?

That will just be very sad.

I can only hope that they will not push through with such a stupid taxation law.

*Not her exact words