Heroes (Season Four)

I’ve always love Heroes and I wait for every season to come. But apparently, there has been negative reaction to the show since Season 3, or maybe even 2. I’m not the kind of person who is into the story much but I get their point. Plotholes, characters going weird, villains – I get it.

And then I’ve thought that it’ll be released this September 2009. Then, someone suddenly calls me up telling she totally love the season four cuz of this and that. That got me wondering. Websites tell me that the release is gon be this September so I am wondering if she was actually able to watch season four. Or what she saw was really season four. Anyway, in an effort to bring Heroes back up, NBC has put Prison Break‘s Robert Knepper as regular. The release of season four has not really become a major event for those who watched season one in all its glory but the addition of Knepper seems to have made the fans give the show a second chance. As for me, I’ll keep watching.

Here’s the trailer for Heroes Season Four:

Heroes, Volume Five: Redemption