On human-avian hybrids

As I was checking out my site stats today, I kinda found out that a lot of searches go for this topic. So, I did a li’l research…

Most of us, if not all, are wondering if it is possible to have these kinds of creatures. Various opinions from the web can be found on this topic. WikiAnswers.com has these. I, imho, have this to say:

My spiritual side tells me that it is not possible as such creatures wasn’t one of the things God created. But neither are we so sure of that. We can never say that we have a complete record of human history. We cannot erase the possibility that human-avian hybrids, they may have had a different name then if they have existed, existed before the time of man. Well, they will not be called human-avian hybrids if man hasn’t existed yet. As for referrence to the Bible, it does not usually enumerate every creature there is. Instead, the Bible just says, “every living being on the land”, “every bird that flies in the skies” or something like those.

On the scientific side, the first answer on wiki is rather curious.

No, the genetic make up of each species DNA are completely different so that it is not compatible for combination. Not to mention the obvious ethical and moral parameters that would be violated.

Though, I won’t really totally trust the items from WikiAnswers. Not to mention the typos…

I have once read an article on human-bovine hybrids. (Too bad I forgot to note the url. I wonder if there is a link somewhere in this blog.) They have stated that they were able to successfully make a living 32-cell human-bovine, that would be cows, hybrids. (I am actually wondering why they chose cows.) It is living in a sense that those cells are, literally, alive. But the thing is that the creature can not yet thrive.

The Flock has this, BTW.

To stay on topic…

So far, I haven’t found items or articles, scientific ones, that cater to these creatures. Most kinds of human-avian hybrids that I’ve found are on viruses. Viruses that infect humans, mostly on the avian flu research.

We’ll keep up…

On human-whatever-species-else hybrids

I’m kinda curious about this concept and got more into it after reading James Patterson’s Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment.

People, uhm, scientists from Britain managed to prove that hybrid species is a possibility. They were able to create a 32-celled human-bovine embryo and are working to improve it. To the scientists, would-be scientists, wannabe scientists, this:

“Can the evince of both species features be manipulated?”

I mean, like in Maximum Ride, the human-avian hybrids were perfect in a sense that only the “wanted” features manifested. They didn’t look like ugly mistakes of genetic engineering. I mean, can genetic engineering really reach that? Some recombinant life forms mentioned in Maximum Ride didn’t look so ugly – as defined. The director of ITEX, a human-galapagos tortoise hybrid, was perfect in a sense that it didn’t have tortoise-like body or something.

I guess, without much manipulation of the embryo, those recombinant life-forms would have looked hideous. They could have had bird feet, feathers all over their bodies, beaks, shells and whatever else unsightly. They would have looked like… mistakes; like some other recombinants mentioned.

Now that’s what makes me wonder. And I want answers, explanations, or something.

Can genetic engineering really do that?