On High School Musical 3: Senior Year

(November 11, 2008, 05:45pm)

I had the chance to watch High School Musical 3: Senior Year last night. And, yeah, the premiere was a few days ago. But what can I do? Anyway, I just have this sorta review/opinion/comment on the movie. I ain’t too much of an HSM addict but I can watch the movies over and over… Oh, and btw, it was sort of an illegal copy so I’m sorry. Ya know, the kind that sounds like “the owner of this motion picture did not earn from this”.

I was like, woah! What on earth happened?!?

Well, ya see… Senior Year doesn’t have the drama that HSM1 and HSM2 was able to give us. It’s not got the conflict that 1 and 2 has got. It’s not got the thrill that 1 has got. And most importantly, it doesn’t have songs as catchy as the ones from 1 and 2.

I was kinda shocked that it wasn’t as explosive as 1 and 2. And the way the movie started… Not too awesome. It was a bit of a bummer, though, that I knew that “The Rocketman” was to make a winning shot. But I didn’t think that his shot was as lame. Admit it, his shot didn’t look so cool. Troy’s assist was uber-awesome, though. But HSM1’s opening was still cuter. And HSM2’s was cooler. Those were more awesome openings.

Yeah, I know, the productions are bigger but I was actually expecting Senior Year to be the best of the bunch. But I was kinda disappointed that it wasn’t. I kinda felt that the story was a bit shallower. HSM1’s got the fullest story, I think.

And where are those uber-awesome Sharpay moments?! Like, “Gimme a beat.”

Well, maybe, too much Troy and Gabriela?!

Yo, Mr. Kenny O., what was that?!

Oh, and this was just an opinion…

No harm intended. I still loved the movie. And [The Last Waltz] was cute…

Oh, and after watching the movie, I was like,

“Yeah, we’re gonna have fun in the sun. Knock ‘em all around, work, work it out… Let’s rock and roll and just let go, fell the rhythm of the drums…”