My stomach’s been way too sensitive these days

And I don’t know why.

I’m usually “eat whatever, whenever”. Oh, well, “eat whatever I like, whenever I like”. But these days it’s not goin’ that way. My stomach’s been having a lot of rebellions. I almost missed a quiz ’cause of it. Good thing that the instructor did not arrive and I got safe. Earlier this morning, I ate and ube treat and some juice. Usually, my stomach will just go on and digest ’em. But I had to go home quick ’cause it seemed to have doubled over. After lunch I had halo-halo. And, yeah, my stomach rebelled.

Now I don’t know what snack stuff or dessert I can have.

Anybody who knows some sorta remedy, tell me, please. Pretty, please.

And, yeah, I got the colds…



Whatever is going on with me, huh? I didn’t have my supper for tonight. I’ve got a freakin’ fever and a darned tonsillitis. Didn’t have my medicines on schedule.

It’s such an ungodly hour – which means that I already have to sleep. But the thing is, I wanna sleep but I don’t want to. I really hate it when stuff feels that way.


Some help would be really nice…

This is so not good…


This day was a not-so-good day and I so don’t like it.


Simply ’cause, I’m in danger of losing my scholarship not because of my fault but because of that pre-registration stuff. Whatever!

It’s not like it’s my fault. Now I’m just hoping that that instructor’s got some of the thing they call consideration and allow me in her class ’cause I really can’t afford to lose my scholarship – especially if it wasn’t my freakin’ fault!

But I know Someone up there is guiding me.

I need His help this time – big time.