Profiling the Candidates for the 2010 Presidential Elections: JC de los Reyes

Full Name: John Carlos  G. de los Reyes
Born: February 14, 1970
Religion: Roman Catholic

Current Position: Councilor of Olongapo City, Philippines

Political Party: Ang Kapatiran Party
Running Mate: Dominador Chipeco

  • Rozalito David
  • Jo Aurea Imbong
  • Zosimo Paredes
  • Adrian Sison
  • Reginald Tamayo
  • Hector Tarrazona
  • Manuel Valdehueza Jr.

Brief History

De los Reyes studied in Ateneo de Manila for his elementary education, and graduated in De la Salle for his secondary education. He finished his Bachelor of Arts in Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, which is considered as one of the most orthodox Catholic Universities in the United States.

In late 1993 he taught Philosophy in the Center for Research and Communication, now known as the University of Asia and the Pacific. During that time, he was under the tutelage of Father Joseph de Torre, a Spanish priest of the Holy Cross who wrote extensively on the social teachings of the Church.

Life in Politics

In 1995, he was elected as the city councilor of Olongapo City. During his term, he focused on the poor, the youth and cooperatives.

In the 2007 elections, among 27 local and national candidates, he was the lone winner of the Ang Kapatiran Party, placing second among ten slots for the Olongapo City Council. This was achieved despite a decade absent from local politics.

His free legal assistance program under an informal project named JUSTICE CRUSADE has been widely successful among his constituents. He is presently prioritizing the institutionalization of the Barangay Human Rights Action Centers, the office mandated by law for the protection and prevention of human rights violations in the barangay.

As councilor, de los Reyes has spoken out and campaigned against illegal drugs, rampant violations of worker’s rights at Hanjin, Subic Bay and has campaigned against illegal fish cages in the area. He has also led protests against the proposed coal power plant and has been outspoken in criticizing government’s plan to open more casinos in Subic.

The boldest statement he has made for good governance is the filing of numerous cases before the Ombudsman against high ranking government officials where he himself is complainant. This is in line with his political policy of alleviating the people’s suffering by addressing the problem of expensive and increasing costs of basic needs like water, electricity, medicines, health care, etc., and insuring that these basic services are kept free and far from graft and corruption.


His passion and vision is to unceasingly work to fight and defeat massive, enslaving poverty, a mission to be accomplished not only in Olongapo but in the whole country.


The boldest statement he has made for good governance is the filing of numerous cases before the Ombudsman against high ranking government officials where he himself is complainant. This is in line with his political policy of alleviating the people’s suffering by addressing the problem of expensive and increasing costs of basic needs like water, electricity, medicines, health care, etc., and insuring that these basic services are kept free and far from graft and corruption.

My 2cents on JC

From City Councilor of Olongapo City to President of the Republic of the Philippines is quite a giant leap. It’s not that I don’t believe it can’t be done, it’s just that, besides being the youngest presidential candidate, he is the one, I believe, with the least exposure among all of them eight presidential candidates. I’ve never even heard of him before the buzz on the 2010 elections started! Well, that goes to Gibo Teodoro, too, but Gibo is backed by the administration and that can go a long way.

Also, during the 2007 elections, he is the only one from all the local and national candidates of the Ang Kapatiran party that placed. My point with that one is, that given that, it tells me that their party has not a big influence or support. And to win in a presidential race, you’ll need just that – huge influence and support.

However, as I said, it’s not like it can’t be done. But for this guy to win, a major campaign needs to be done. And their party needs to start campaigning on a nationwide audience already.

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Profiling the Candidates for the 2010 Presidential Elections: Introduction

It’s Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010!

And in less than five months, we, the Filipino people, will once again have to choose who we want to be the leaders of our nation for the next 3-6 years.

Have you chosen your president already? If not, I hope this series can help you. If yes, this might just change your mind.

For the 2010 elections, the ComElec have qualified 8 presidential candidates and they are:

  1. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III of the Liberal Party
  2. John Carlos “JC” de los Reyes of Ang Kapatiran
  3. Joseph “Erap” Estrada of PMP
  4. Richard “Dick” Gordon of Bagumbayan
  5. Jamby Madrigal
  6. Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro of Lakas-Kampi-CMD
  7. Eduardo “Eddie” Villanueva of Bangon Pilipinas; and
  8. Manuel “Manny” Villar of the Nacionalista Party

Read the following posts for the profile of each of the candidates.

2010 Elections Buzz

How big exactly is the 2010 elections?

I’m just wondering cuz I’ve seen previous elections and there wasn’t as much buzz as the 2010 elections is getting. Or is it just me?

Yesterday, Pres. Arroyo announced the Teodoro-Manzano tandem and admitted that the 2010 elections is a big test for their party?

How exactly is it so?

Besides that, it seems to me that this is the elections with the most presidential candidates. Usually, there’s just the administration and the opposition.

The submission for candidacy starts today and I can just wonder how many people the ComElec will have to screen and get rid of – the ones referred to as nuisance candidates.

Noynoy Declares Candidacy

First, the title might seem like it but I’m not here to campaign for Sen. Aquino.

Second, don’t blame me if this blog entry gets some votes for him.

And third, yes, I am a voter. But the thing is I am following this 2010 election and this seems like big news to both voters and politicians so I’ll have to include this.

This one was actually breaking news at GMA7’s Unang Hirit when I opened our TV this morning. I was able to forget the title of the news but it was Sen. Aquino answering questions from the audience about his candidacy at Club Filipino, San Juan.

If I’m right about the date, GMA7 organized the Tatakbo Ka Ba? Election 2010 fun run the Sunday before last, August 30, 2009. A part of this event was a Unity Walk for the politicians as a campaign for fair elections. Sen. Aquino didn’t join this event because he said that he was not yet certain on what position to run for in the 2010 elections.

I wasn’t able to see and hear everything ha had said as I woke up a wee bit too late but I did see a few interesting stuff – some interesting answers to questions and stuff like that.

Corruption is a major issue in the Philippines and their was this one person from Sen. Aquino’s audience who was able to ask how the senator plans to solve that problem in case he will be elected as president. Sen. Aquino answered with leading by example.

When asked how he is gonna fund his campaign, his answer was something like, “If we do the traditional political stuff, gather some allies, some politicians and put together our funds, that’ll be too late already as our opponents have already done that long ago. I believe it’ll be the support of the people which will drive this campaign.” No, those weren’t his exact words and he was speaking in Filipino but the thought it there and it comes close as a translation.

At the end of the Q&A for Sen. Aquino, a supporter announced a “Piso Para kay Noynoy” program to support his campaign. The senator joked about it with, “We’ll just have to list down all the names as we’ll have to report this to the ComElec.”

This is where my thoughts come in…

On top of all that, the most curios part would be the yellow, the “Laban sign”, and the Bayan Ko. I thought he had stated that he didn’t want to use his mother, former president Cory Aquino, for his campaign. And what’s up with “Si Noynoy ang magtutuloy” battlecry by his supporters?

One more thing… Why did he have to announce it on a significant day of his mother’s death?

Anyway, his mother, the so-called icon of democracy, left us Filipinos with something good and if Noynoy is serious about following her footsteps and will be at it, it’ll be good for us Filipinos.

We’ll see to that…

This is the Knightingale continuing her watch…


This is  one of those times when I can say that my blog makes some sense… I’ve, actually had this saved in my phone for quite a few now. The first time this go into me was during the previous elections…

Politics is now once again a real hot topic here in the Philippines – though, it’s not like it’s fire ever died down. It’s always been a hot one. But I’m thinkin’ it’s increased its being an issue these days since the 2010 Presidential Elections is about to come. I’ve heard that the start/end, whichever is correct, of the filing of candidacy is this November 2009 – which is soon. I’m betting that players are not hot on each other and already aching to choose their representatives.

But the thing is, there’s always been that talk of a charter change. They’re all saying that it is for the extention of the term of PGMA. Stories are like, they’re pushing it to the houses so that it’ll be approved before an election takes place. The people in the administration are not yet pondering on who to elect but on how to extend PGMA’s term – that’s according to the stations.

On the elections, I wonder how real it can get. It’s like the previous one was really very crazy. Vote buying too evident; with news of votes costing up to 1.5k Php each – and that’s just for the SK chairs. This time, I’ve been thinkin’ of this, I’m wonderin’ how much the votes are gonna cost – this s gonna be a national election. I’m thinkin’ bigger. Call it funny but this has crossed my mind. Maybe soon, instead of having a meeting de avance, however you spell it, we’re gonna have vote auctions. Where, whoever’s willing to sell their vote and the candidates will, literally, have an auction for those votes…

The Knightingale will keep watching…