How to Earn Money Online

I’m kidding.

I’m not gonna talk about how to earn money online here; like, which programs to use and such. I just wanted to state a point.

I have long realized how amazing is the fact that a lot of people have learned how to earn money online and some of them have been able to quit their day jobs to fully embrace the so-called “dot-com lifestyle”.

Also, you can find a lot of places in the web where people try to tell you how to become a millionaire in a very easy way, in such a short time. Well, some of them are real. A lot, most of them are nothing but hype.

I just wanted to say that earning money online is not for everyone. Not all of us can be internet earners.

Most of these proven and effective ways* of earning money online requires you to be, in one way or the other, a writer. And NOT all of us are writers.

I am not talking about business outsourcing here – those are not what people who write about how to earn money online talk about.

Most of these internet earners will tell you about search engine optimization (SEO), link building, and the like.

But you cannot be able to do SEO if you have nothing to optimize because you don’t know what to write about or how to write.

While you can say that, “Of course, we can all write. We just have to scour the internet, find a few things there, then, put together those things you’ve found.”

Or maybe a simple copy-paste of some articles from other people will do.

But those wouldn’t work. Traffic to your site will ALWAYS be dependent on content. As they say, “Content is king.”

People wouldn’t want to go back to a site that is full of stuff from other people’s sites.

Originality counts a lot. Also, keeping things interesting is equally important.

If your blog can’t keep up because you can’t write about anything, you will most likely fail.

While a lot, if not all, of us wants the easy money and some of us thinks about earning this money online, some of us just can’t do it. Either because we lack the skill or the commitment.

When we get to realize that, we can all conclude that it is a simple truth that there will be nothing in this world that was created for everyone.

Note: Don’t take this as an expert’s opinion. I am no expert in this kinda things. I’m just giving my 2 cents.”

*Yes, they exist and, I, myself have earned a few dollars online.