That officer-thing still bugs me…

It kinda gets into my schedule.

If not for it I could have gone home, went to the bank, deposited some money, then ordered my books. Then, I would only have to wait for one more week. But since they had that “seminar for student leaders”-thing I wasn’t able to go home. Now I would have to wait for another two weeks.

edit: One more thing, there was another induction of officers yesterday during the seminar. Thing is, like before, I did not accept it – I don’t want it. Funny thing is, we were asked to sing the university hymn and I know no jack about it! Haha…

Crap! Anyway, let it rip!

I’ll just take a breath and hold on.

I so don’t like this!

[June 1, 2008]

What date is it today? June 1, 2008. Yeah. And that means school is just around the corner and I don’t like it. Really. I so don’t like it. But it’s not like I have a freakin’ choice. Whatever!

If only I can stop time, oh so classic, that would be better. But no, I’m no Hero.

It’s just, it sucks! School sucks! If only school is cool then it would be okay.