Questioning Christmas

Why do you keep Christmas?

If you are one of those people who celebrate Christmas for what it is supposed to be celebrated for, then you’d say that you are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ into this world. But that in itself is questionable enough. We’ll get to that later.

First, we need to set a very important premise: you believe in the Holy Bible. That would be a given if you are celebrating it for the birth of Christ.

If, indeed, you believe in the Bible, doesn’t that mean that you are supposed to follow it and live according to it? However, nowhere in the Bible can we find any instruction telling us to celebrate the birth of Christ.

And, maybe, it is for good reason.

If I have read and understood correctly, God sent his only begotten Son into the earth to save mankind. Which, inevitably, means that Jesus Christ had to come, had to be born, to the earth because man can longer be saved without the Saviour.

Now, if you look more closely, if you are celebrating Christmas for the birth of Christ, then you are inadvertently celebrating the sins and sinfulness of man.

Think about it.