At the university infirmary

At the infirmary

Now I’m actually more convinced that the people at the university, most of ‘em, don’t actually know there jobs – or don’t know what they’re doing.

I had the chance to visit the infirmary and just learned how sucktacular it is. I had to get a medical certificate for my two weeks of absence and I wasn’t really certain if they can make me one. Anyway, I tried. The nurses actually know what they’re supposed to be doing. They asked me what I needed to do to get the certificate and made me fill up some form and go to a nurse to have my blood pressure taken. They actually told me that they ain’t too certain we can get one for the dates I was out cuz I didn’t get to them when I was sick and I have no record in the place. They were willing to try cuz it was actually obvious that I had chicken pox cuz of my scars. So we tried. I got the form with me and I only had to get it signed by the doctor – the one who’s much too sucktacular. I had to tell ‘em to change the date cuz it’ll be pretty useless if those were the dates to be displayed. I got assisted by one of the nurses to the doc’s room and here goes:

Me: Doc, can I have the date in this form changed? It’ll be pretty useless if it this date will be the on posted here.
Nurse: Yes. Can you have the date changed cuz it’s obvious she’s had chicken pox cuz of her scars
Doc:  No cuz it’s protocol. I can’t have it changed to the date you want cuz you weren’t here and you didn’t have us get you diagnosed.
Me: I didn’t bother to come here cuz I was at home.
Doc: (shouts) Then, it’s your fault. You should’ve come here.
Me: It’s a two-hour drive. Why will I come here just to get a medical certificate from you? I wasn’t able to get one from our place cuz I didn’t even go to a clinic.
Doc: (still has his volume raised) Then, why did you go home?
Me: I was already there before this came.
(Nurse exits.)
Doc: (volume’s still raised) Then, it’s not our fault. It’s your entire fault. You should’ve come here when it started.
(I go out of his friggin’ office)

(At the reception desk)
Nurses: (sounding like they’re tryna comfort me) Anyway, we just tried cuz sometimes he allows it. But it’s not really always. It’s actually really obvious you had chicken pox. You still have scars.
Me: Yeah, anyway. I’ll have to go to our place to just get it from out RHU.

(more talk)
And I got outta the infirmary and I was like, “Was he really a doctor?! I thought, doctors are supposed to act nicely towards their patients.”
I wanted to tell him that and also, “Are you really a doctor? It’s more like, I only have scabs and scars now and you’re supposed to be a doctor so you should know how long it takes before the blisters of this kinda disease turns into scabs and scars. How stupid are you and your friggin’ protocol exactly, huh?”
And if he tells me that was much to disrespectful, “Do you actually know what respect is? It’s more like, I’ve been told that if you wanna be respected, you ought to know how to respect other people first. And, no, shouting at other people, especially that you’re a doctor and I’m a patient, is definitely not called respect.”

It really makes me wonder how much more sucktacular this university can get. Their teachers, nope, instructors, most of them, don’t know how to teach – the exact reason why I don’t call ‘em teachers. Some of them ain’t got no idea what they’re doing. The clerks ain’t welcoming or don’t know how to attend to their clients. Librarians don’t know how to interact with students. And now, I’ve learned that they’ve got a doctor who doesn’t know what a doctor ought to do. Oh, jeez! What’s next?! Some instructors here are already much too condescending. I can just wonder…

It’s not like I’m too concerned that I didn’t get to convince them to give me the thing I needed and that’s why I didn’t like it. What I do not like is the behaviors and attitudes of their faculty and staff. Yeah, I can just wonder…