To Kill an Android

Back when the first-generation iPad was released, Apple somehow opened the world to new computing possibilities through tablets. And, like any Apple release, this created a market with a solid number. As an attempt to enter the market, Samsung released a 7-inch tablet, the Galaxy Tab built with Google’s Android.

However, it is visible enough that its release didn’t put a serious dent on Apple’s market share. Other tablets were released but Apple still managed to hold onto their share of about 70-80%.

Last Friday, a rather tragic day because of the earthquake an tsunami in Japan, Apple released its new-generation “Thinner. Lighter. Faster.” iPad 2. But what’s more amazing is that they managed to price it starting $499. With all the features, upgrades, specs, and, more importantly, fixes they are boasting, it is such a wonder that the device manage to end-up having that price. Given the price that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab has, it is almost foolish to opt for it over the iPad 2.

Sources state that it costs Apple about $340 to make the most basic model. This doesn’t include marketing, promotion, etc. Basically, it is a give-away. Apple reasons that it is the App Store that more than covers everything. Still, it raises the question whether Apple created the iPad 2 as an attempt to kill the Android.

This only not questions the Android platform but also the general future of tablet computing. Samsung’s new 11-inch tablet will have a very questionable fate given what already is and the possible market price.

As it stands, it would seem as if Apple is attempting to monopolize a market that it already holds the majority of. We can only wonder, and hope for something good, what any competition can come up with to even be called “competition”.

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