The Floods, The Climate, The Future


Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

St. Bernard
St. Bernard

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Doesn’t it seem all wrong? And Australia is supposed to be a “dry continent”. Or something like it. The experts are saying that the extreme weather that the world is experiencing today is due to what has been long called, “climate change”. The Earth has become warmer. Due to that there is always water overhead just waiting to pour when the clouds can no longer keep themselves together.

Images of floods and landslides are all around us. Homes destroyed, futures uncertain. Everyone is affected. And neither am I an exception to that. But, thankfully, the situation in our area is not as bad as in the images above. However, just across the street, where houses are along rice fields, some have beds all wet due to too much flood water. (Most of us live in one-storey dwellings.)

Amidst all these, one good thing always comes up. A lot of people are always seemingly willing to help – giving relief wherever needed. Unfortunately, very few think of long-term aid. The very same tragedy has happened in Southern Leyte a few years ago. The place where the landslide occurred was almost, as they say it, “written off the map”. But, apparently, no one bothered to do anything much about it. Now, people, politicians mostly, are bickering, passing around the blame. (Because someone just has to be blamed…)

Last year, it was the earthquakes. Haiti was the most devastated. Millions of dollars was supposed to flow into Haiti to aid in the nation’s recovery. However, after a year, not much has changed. A huge portion of the promised aid has not yet appeared in the country. Only a few people saw the bigger picture last year. And just like in Southern Leyte, no long-term plans has been effected.

On a lighter side, whenever there are floods, I’m always reminded of a song by the Jonas Brothers: Year 3000. (Or should I say Busted? I’ve never heard their original version so I wouldn’t be reminded of them.) In that song, there’s a line that says,

“Not much has changed but they lived underwater”

Is that what the future has in store for us? A world where people lived underwater? I sure do hope we’d have developed gills by that time.

Oh, well not all of us can look that far. To some, the world is gonna end in 2012. There’s even a dreadful radio advertisement from a fast food chain here that speaks of tragic events and ends with, “We only have until 2012.”

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