In the Case of Choices

See, if the world ran simply straightforward, there’d not be the existence of choices. Nothing would ever be difficult, no complexities, everything would just lay there in front of you waiting for you to go ahead and move on to the next step.

But, apparently, that’s not how it works. From the beginning of time, if you believe in the story of creation presented in the Bible, man was presented with choices. According to the story, a certain serpent made Eve decide to partake of the fruit of knowledge. That is easily the first wrong choice man made.

There was that time when we only had simply things at hand – we only had to choose which candy to buy, what game to play this time, which toys to play with. But, then again, we all had to grow up from that stage. Then, somewhere, sometime, somehow, someone tries to talk in front of you speaking of all those things about choices! Then, that person would also try to warn you about not making the wrong ones and sometimes would cite his experiences and speak of the repercussions of the so-called “bad choices” that that person ever made!

That’s when you start thinking about them and try to start looking at the possibilities even if you are really just seeing them in your very own personal inner mind theatre. But that period comes to pass, like a seven-day wonder. You only get to go back to them when the time comes when you are actually standing in front of a forked road in the so-called “crossroads of life”. Then, you suddenly wish that either for everything to go back to the time when everything was simple enough or for time to stretch for you so you get to have more time to think about everything.

What if Adam and Eve never had a bite of that fruit? What if there was not the deceitful serpent? What if they simply chose to bask in the glory and richness that was the Garden of Eden? Maybe, we’d never have to go through these things. Maybe, we would all be in the Garden of Eden simply enjoying the splendour that is right in front of us.

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