Encounters with Yesterday

Reconnecting with the past is never a simple task. It can be taxing, nauseating. Whether you wanted to or you were merely inadvertently pulled into that space, the experience will, undoubtedly, be the same. Sometimes, the nostalgia will hit you with a frightful force.

People almost always have stories to tell. Whether they are good or bad, funny or sad, long or short. When you get to meet someone of yesterday, and you have your own stories you want to tell, you must strike the first chance you get. Otherwise, you get to be the praying mantis for a while until you get the chance, if you are enough of a listener. While if you’re the kind to interrupt, well, that is just disrespectful.

Sometimes, the wait is actually almost excruciating. But that’s just how it is. It’s part of all the thoughts that reels into your mind whenever you get drawn in by that element of nostalgia.

When you get the chance to talk, however, you also get that nagging feeling, that racking in your brain that echoes, “Are you sure this is still interesting? Are you certain that you will be able to keep the discussion in place?” See, when you are in a conversation, you always gotta make sure that it flows smoothly until it has to end.

Things like these almost always happens in the most unexpected of places. Therefore, it will have to end sooner than later. But when it finally ends, you are sometimes hit with questions like, “Did we really even talk when we used to be at that place, at that time together? Was that person really who I thought that was? How were we able to talk after all those years?”


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