Guns, IV Final Chase

After the third bullet, the man wanted to observe his handiwork. But he didn’t have the time to observe the woman for he can already hear that, somewhere in the distance, sirens were already blaring. He started to think that it was nothing more than an ambulance but it only took him a moment to realize that it could be more.

His eyes suddenly started looking everywhere, searching for something, nothing, anything!

Run, hide, escape!

As crazed as he was, he knew he can’t stay stay where he is. He knew he had to run. And it is not what he wanted for he wanted more. His gun still screamed for blood, his eyes were still filled with bloodlust.

But he had to run, he had to; the noise of the blaring siren is starting to get louder and clearer. North! He ran forward without any idea where he was headed. Then, it was too late when he realized that he was headed for the beach. He knew he had to change his direction because there is no way that the beach can give him cover. Without thinking, he started to head west.

He was able to take a few steps before when paranoia started to creep around him. The sirens were already too loud now. The police has to be so close to him already.

South. Paranoia has almost enveloped him when he realized that the sounds of the sirens had stopped. Before relief could flood through him, his heart started racing. It could only mean that the force have gone on foot to search for him.

He couldn’t fathom why he haven’t heard any gunshot but the adrenaline that was surging in his system pushed him forward. He didn’t want to look back for he didn’t want to to feel any more fear. But not looking back didn’t do him any good for more paranoia crept through him. He started losing focus, his eyes darting everywhere, searching for any sign of his adversaries.

He has started to wonder if it was just his paranoia which made him think that he was being pursued when he suddenly heard movements in the middle of all the green.

This revelation made the murderer even more frantic. He saw a tiny, insignificant hut a few yards away from him. He still had the distance but instinct told him to take cover.

He moved even faster, his mind only thinking about the cover that was in front of him. Before he locked himself up in the hut, he fired one more shot, not knowing whether or not he will hit anyone.

A thought suddenly occurred to him but it was too late; he had made a huge mistake – he had given himself away.

Suddenly, the movements grew closer. He then knew that there were more of them that he thought. The movements even grew closer and closer and soon they were closing in on him. He was being surrounded.

A few moments passed when he took a peek. And his fears were confirmed. Outside, a few blue-clad men surrounded his hut. Then, they started talking – shouting.

The police was trying to make him surrender. They were trying to talk him into giving up his post, talking about things that he knew were only for the purpose of his surrender. He knew how these things went – these men will only tell you what they think you want to hear but they will never fulfill those things.

Then, silence. He thought they had become tired of yelling.

Once again, the pleading.

Then, it became a cycle. However, he thought he knew why these men haven’t tried to enter his hut – they don’t want to risk any more lives.

He never tried to answer the pleas of the men surrounding his cover.

More silence. This time it was longer than the usual. But he heard movements, they’re moving closer and closer.

Then, all became silent. The men were no longer moving. He didn’t know what to do anymore. The silence stretched on, gradually becoming deafening to the man.

In a final act of desperation, he put the muzzle at the right side of his head, screamed, then, pulled the trigger.

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