Guns, III Loaded Gun

The man didn’t take time to observe his brother. He knew what he wanted. He knew where he was headed next. As soon as his brother fell on the floor – limp – he darted for the door, only thinking about his next target.

Yet the blast did not allow the event to be unnoticed. It alerted the unwary neighbors and made them curious; curious and scared.

One of them pulled together enough guts to check on the abandoned house. Though he already knew what would welcome him, the sight of the bloody man still surprised him. Dead people have never been his favorite sight.

But something made him rethink his assessment.

The fingers of the bloody man started twitching. Then, his mouth started moving in an attempt to convey a message.

The bloody man started pleading to the curious neighbor. But, much to the surprised of the neighbor, the bloody man was not pleading for his own life to be saved. He was desperately pleading for his brother to be stopped because he knew that he won’t be the last victim.

Still, the neighbor opted to do the safer action and chose to leave the house to find a phone, He shakily dialed a number, gave his instructions, and went back to the scene. He’d rather wait than risk his life trying to stop a crazed murderer.

The murderer kept running. Darting past curious eyes. Frantic. Frenzied. Still looking for his next target.

Then, he stopped. He had found the exact place where his next target should be. He didn’t even bother to knock on the door. He went straight to the house and realized that his assumption was correct.

His next victim was still lounging in front of his TV – still unknowing, or uncaring, of the events that occurred but a few moments ago.

But the sudden entrance of the murderer has alerted the careless man. However, he did nothing but sit up and stare towards his door.

Until he realized that his uninvited guest had a weapon in his hand. It all started dawning on him. The gunshot. And that moment, he feared that the next bullet was for him.

The murderer didn’t plan on spending his time with this man. All he did was raise his gun, and pull the trigger.

The moment he heard the blast, he felt like it was music – a perfect ensemble. And the scent! Oh, the scent of blood! He knew he wanted more. And, like his brother, he didn’t take his time to observe his victim.

He left the house with one bullet less in his weapon, one less person in his list, and the hunger for more.

The murderer knew where her next victim would be – she’d be about four blocks away. He hoped that the woman was as uncaring as the man he’d left had been.

True enough, he arrived at his next victim’s house with the woman absently going through her laundry.

This made the murderer grin – in a very sinister way. It had never occurred to him that getting what he wanted would be so easy. His brother has tried, but failed – failed miserably.

This time, he didn’t have a man to struggle against or a door to force open. This time, all he had to do was aim his weapon and pull the trigger.

Before the woman even realized his presence, she was already falling to the ground from the force of the bullet.

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