Guns, II First Blood

The man ran back to his home – his sanctuary. The only place where no one stares at him, no one condemns him. The only place where he can have his few moments of peace.

However, that day, he didn’t go back there to find his peace. He was looking for something. He scoured through all the elements of the current mess of his existence.

After a few minutes of searching, he found what he was looking for: a loaded gun that he has been keeping forever. He did not have the slightest idea what he was keeping it for. But at that time, right in that moment when he held the gun in his hands, eyes locked on it, breathing heavily, he felt like it was all starting to make sense.

Soon as he regained his breath, he darted for the door. But just when he reached for it, it opened with his unknowing brother smiling at him.

But a few moments had passed when his brother’s expression drastically changed. The brother suddenly stood frozen and wide-eyed when he realized what the man held in his hand.

Silence followed the realization. It gradually became deafening to the man that his mind even got more crazed. He slowly raised his gun hand, once again uncertain. However, his brother saw the slight movement in his hand.

His brother quickly dashed forward, aiming for the gun. The struggle ensued. His brother was much too strong for him. However, at the moment he decided to find his weapon, he has already told himself that he will never be once again powerless.

He tried his hardest to maneuver himself out of his brother’s strong grasp and was successful. As soon as he faced his brother, he pulled the trigger.

The sound of the blast echoed around the four walls of the empty house. The bullet pierced his brother’s chest. Blood spattered across his face.

Thus, the first blood is shed. And the man has become a murderer.

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