Guns, I Unpinnned Grenade

The day started for him as it normally does. Earlier that day, he was awakened by the rooster’s crow. Dark gray clouds hung in the sky above him making the morning feel like twilight.

Try as he may, he knew he was powerless against the fate that has brought him here. A fate that has given him all the difficulties he has to face and all the muddled thoughts that swirl in his head.

He took off into the day uncertain, feeling like there is an unpinned grenade in his hand, waiting to be released. But he was hoping he will be able to contain it. He didn’t want to let it go.

The day started to feel uneventful. However, before the sun reached its zenith, an element of the past crossed his path.

And so the fateful day begins.

The visitor was an unwelcome guest. He knew it. He had tired to avoid such encounters. But the visitor was persistent. A discord ensued. The man was once again powerless. And the grenade was let go.

Thus, it explodes.

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