Mercedez-Benz Goes Green


In a time when more and more people are becoming more conscious of the environment, a very big car company can never be too late to go green.

Some publishers considered it a bluff at first – that they are not really planning to build a hybrid car and they just answered to the pressure by announcing about a green machine that they are planning to build.

However, Mercedez-Benz have showed them that they are not the kind to idle around while announcing plans of moving forward.

This car is the electronic version of the SLS AMG. The car gets its power from four electric motors  combined with a 400-volt lithium ion battery pack. This gives the car a 526 horsepower 649 pound-feet of torque. The four electric  motors also gives the car an all-wheel-drive capability.

Interior design has not been forgotten about. The instrument cluster and center console has been modified. The former gives info on speed, battery charge status and estimated range while the latter has received a 25 cm touchscreen that operates that car’s functions.

On a side note, Mercedez-Benz has not yet announced to do a mass production of this car for mass sale. However, this shows that the company is pulling on some effort to help move the world towards the post-fuel era.

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No October 2010 Elections

I know it doesn’t sound so good. However, it’s still a rumor – a very bad one at that.

I’ve heard about it from my Mom last Saturday. She said it was my aunt, who is a barangay chairman, who told her about it.

It’s not yet certain. However, I don’t like that at the beginning of the administration of the new Aquino, there is already a probable cancellation of elections.

In my view, this is bad PR. And it will even become worse if they really will not push through with the October 2010 elections, as scheduled. If this goes on like tjhis, we can also think that this administration also hopes to be able to cancel the 2016 presidential elections.

I can only hope that this is indeed just a rumor and there is nothing more to it.