A Notalgic Commute

Commuting can be a source of different kinds of simple wonders in life – the chance to observe people, to interact with society.

It can also make you feel a few different things: enjoyment, when you drive by a beautiful, scenic landscape and the only chance you get to appreciate it is when your not driving your own car; amusement, when you happen to observe a very random funny moment in the streets; concern, when you get the chance to observe the state of the areas which just ignore and drive by; fear, most especially when you are much too concerned about a hold-up or your ride falling on it’s side; but, oddest of them all, nostalgia.

It happens when someone from the days past happens to ride with you by a simple swing of fate.

You get too afraid to approach the other party as you are thinking that they do not remember you anymore. But he thinks otherwise. He says, “Hi” and it startles you. However, you manage to get yourself together and you get to reply with a “Hello”.

Then, a conversation starts. It amazes you that you can still talk with each other after all those years that have gone by. You are able to keep up with the discussion and you get to learn a few things.

But the angel of fate didn’t mean it to last long.

The ride suddenly ends for either or both of you. Without even saying goodbye, you go your separate ways.

However, the only thing you can do is watch his back as he walks away.

In the end, you are left alone, just like how your ride started, but with your brain suddenly getting flooded with all those things from the many yesterdays you have shared with the other person and the few other people who have shared them with you while wondering whether or not you will see each other again and, even, why you had to see each other so randomly.

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