Senior Citizens Act: Fail!

This bill has been in existence for years now. They have even expanded it into a broader and, supposed to be more, beneficial “Expanded Senior Citizens Act”.

However, it is still evident in the society that a lot of establishments and public utility vehicles are not following rules stipulated in this bill. I can site a lot of examples.

The day before yesterday, I was on a jeepney and I heard an old woman complaining about the fare. She was obviously old enough to be a senior citizen and she was telling the collector so. However, instead of answering to her plea, the collector just let the woman’s words fall into deaf ears. Even my mom have a few similar experiences.

In some drugstores here in Tacloban, the situation is as bad. In one, there is a “senior citizen” section. My mom told me that she lined up there but when payment time came, her receipt didn’t reflect the discount she was supposed to get. When she asked why, the pharmacists answered with a, “We are no longer implementing it.” In some cases, senior citizens no longer bother to line up in a senior citizens’ section or show their ID’s because, according to them, they will not be entertained if they do so.

Now, I do know that this bill was the first one that the new Aquino signed. However, I don’t believe that signing the Expanded Senior Citizens should’ve been his top priority. I know it is easier to do, but implementing it should’ve been the one he looked at first.

I know there is a punishment for people, or any concerned party that does not implement the discount. But given that there is almost no monitoring to this, we can never be certain that the seniors are getting the privileges they deserve.