A Sudden Dilemma

I have been looking forward to this year’s elections – both for the chance of getting to vote for the first time and the first set of election money that I am gonna receive. I had no doubt about it. It happens every time – every elections, that is, voters receive money from candidates.

Though, I have also told myself that I will not vote for any candidate who will give away cash just to get some votes.

Still, I made plans for the money.

But now that I think of it, given that I have received my first bill, I am not so certain if I can take spending it.

And every bill that I’m still gonna receive. Well, I can say so because this afternoon, someone stopped by our house to tell my mother that another candidate is giving out money.

He said that the candidate was in another zone earlier, giving out the money, but now that candidate has come to our zone to give out the money for our zone.

Also, during dinner, my mother told me that someone else came by our place to tell her that he is the one holding the money. I don’t know when they are gonna give that one out.

And, as for my dilemma, I am not so sure what to do with the money.

One thought on “A Sudden Dilemma

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