On The Petition to Do a 100% Parallel Manual Count for the 2010 Presidential Elections

I stand firm on my decision not to support this outrageous petition.

Outrageous might be a very strong word but that is how I can see it for a few good reasons.

First, the automation of this year’s presidential elections was supposed to be an improvement over the previous system of elections that this country was using.

How is doing a 100% parallel manual count supposed to help in that improvement?

Wouldn’t that be just a waste of time?

Or, if the 100% parallel manual count was approved, then what’s the point of going through all this trouble just to realize the automation?

If it will be done, either the manual count will be the waste of time and effort or the automation will be the waste of time, money, and effort. Take your pick.

Second, the resolution that made this automation possible stated that there will be a manual count – not 100% but on a system of random sampling.

Random sampling has been a proven to be an effective way of representing data from a bigger body. That should be sufficient in this case.

Third, it has been proven, time and time again, given the past few elections, that there will always be a party which will not trust the results of the elections – the elections which made use of the manual counting system.

We have seen a few controversies, like the “Hello, Garci” scandal, that has been destructive to the trustworthiness of the old manual counting system.

Even in our town, a small one at that, there have been some people who have attested to have been tasked of creating fake ballots with the names of the people who have paid them to do the job.

Exactly, what made the proponents of this petition think that an old system which has been proven to be very vulnerable to cheaters will help make a new system become trustworthy?

And last, it is a given that people will always believe in whatever they chose to believe in.

No matter what kind of counting we do, there will always be people who will not be satisfied.

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