Kabataan Party-List: What’s the message?

Exactly, what are you trying to say with that kind of advertisement?

And, what made you think that making other people look bad is the way to get you some votes?

The name of your party says “Kabataan”.

Given that name, I would assume that you are supposed to be representing the youth of this country.

But, why is it that your campaign advertisement makes you looks like you represent the farming sector of our country?

Or, maybe I just didn’t look into your party and you really are not supposed to be representing us, the youth of the nation.

This post was previously titled “Kabataan Party-List: Who do you represent?”. (Hence, the URL.) I changed it because I realized that that title is very insensitive to the youth in the labor force – like the ones in the farming groups. I’m sorry.


5 thoughts on “Kabataan Party-List: What’s the message?

  1. – 25% of the Filipino youth (14-35 years old) are peasants, 20%-workers, 4%-working students, 21%-high school and college students, and 30%-not studying and jobless (urban and rural poor).

    – youth peasants, youth workers, students, working students, professionals, and urban and rural poor youths are represented by KABATAAN Partylist in the Philippine Congress.

    – Among the 7 individuals killed in the Hacienda Luisita massacre (November of 2004), 3 of them are Kabataan partylist members.

    -After more than 5 years after the massacre, victims are still crying for justice.

    -Hacienda Luisita: owned by the Cojuanco-Aquino clan. Several years after the agrarian reform law (enacted during the Cory Cojuanco Aquino regime), farmers and farm workers of Hacienda Luisita remain landless.

    -Each Hacienda Luisita farmer receives P9.50/week.

    -The message of the ad: ‘Kung walang hustisya, walang pagbabago!’

    -Please visit http://www.kabataanpartylist.com for more info about Kabataan.

    • OK, thanks for all that but what about this: “And, what made you think that making other people look bad is the way to get you some votes?”

  2. To Mjae- My goodness, don’t you understand this ad is about SOCIAL JUSTICE. DIDN’T YOU UNDERSTAND THE AD AT ALL?

    I’m not even a member of Kabataan, just an ordinary student from Ateneo. But I can say their ad is the best of this election and really makes the case for social justice.

    Ang babaw at superficial ng pagkaintindi mo.

    • I’m trying to make a point that making other people look bad is not the best way to make yourself look good. In fact, in my opinion, it’s not even a good way.

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