Themes, Skins, Feathers

Ever since I found out about the source code highlighting feature in WordPress, I have become uncertain about using the Motion theme in Hack.Origin.

Yesterday, I have decided to do a theme rotation to suit the blogs better.

Lightstreams will now use the Tarski theme. I thought the theme is best suited in this blog because, seeing as how the blog is called “Lightstreams”, I thought, that the blog should have a lighter feel.

Lights, Wings, Flight, which I felt needed a change of themes, will use the Motion theme. I know WordPress has introduced a few more themes after Motion but none of them felt like I can use them for this blog.

Though, the theme poses some problems for me, they’re easier to deal with than having to deal with using a theme that I don’t love.

And, Hack.Origin, which needed the change the most, will now use the Monochrome theme which was previously used by Lightstreams.

This was due to the fact that the source code highlighter uses a white background for the source code space – which is very reasonable. Motion, which has a dark shade, does not match well with the source code highlighter.

Thus, the rotation has been set.


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