Voter Registration: What’s it for, anyway?

You see, this concept, “voter registration“, used to be crystal clear to me. I used to totally get what it’s for.

But given the current state of the voter’s list, I have come to question my grasp of this concept.

I wanted to vote so way before the registration period was over, I took some time to get myself registered. My mom went with me to have her registration renewed.

That time, I thought that the purpose of this registration was so that the ComElec can get to have an actual list of voters.

But then, we soon are able to find out that in a few precints, dead people are in the list. It has even been reported that someone who died in the year 2000 is in the OFFICIAL list of voters for their place.

How many elections has there been since that time?

And, one more thing, why is it that the news has told me that some minors, some even age 16, were able to register or even vote in a previous election?

And that ComElec has stated that there is nothing they can do about these ghost voters because the list has been finalized…

How untrustworthy is this system we have, exactly?

We have all heard of the very tragically decreasing trust rating of our president GMA and the increasing trust rating of some of the candidates in the national level but… Isn’t it possible for them to get a survey of how much people trust the Commission on Elections?

I’d really love to hear about that.

And, if anyone can answer any of my questions above, I’d love to hear about them.

Well, come election week, I wouldn’t be very surprised if I don’t see my name in the voter’s list.

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