What the ComElec Have Done Wrong, So Far

I know I am just one me here but, I believe, that it’s not just me who can very well say that the Commission on Elections of the Philippines has not been doing a very good job in running this year’s presidential elections.

First, they were not off with a very good start. It took a very long time for them to come to a decision on how the elections should be. And, when it came out, very near the end of last year, it already seemed like it was too late for the automated elections – it takes time to build machines, it takes time to code software, it takes time to teach people how to use new stuff.

Many people are saying that this year’s nationwide automated polls is but a blind ambition of the ComElec. A lot have proposed that a partial automation would be the best way to have an automated elections this year. However, the ComElec was stiff and determined to push for a nationwide automation.

Well, somehow, they have been able to meet their deadlines. We’ll see how that goes.

Second, as with the first one, they have shown how indecisive they can be. This time, with the people who should be and should not be qualified to run for any office.

The best example would be Acosta. First, they dropped him off the list. Then, they decided that he really join the presidential race and added him to the list of presidential candidates. Then, they have, once again, disqualified him. But, this time, it’s too late for the disqualification to really matter because the name “Vetallano Acosta” has already been printed in the official ballots and cannot anymore be removed, not even in the unprinted ballots, because it would confuse the machines – there would have to be different codes for different prints.

Third, there were still pending disqualification cases and motions for reconsideration laid out in front of them even after they have started printing ballots. What’s the point of these, then? Shouldn’t they have already settled and finalized the lists before they started printing out ballots?

Fourth, they did not print extra ballots – as announced. Now tell me that this is not very stupid. They say that they don’t have to print extra ballots because they are not expecting a 100% turnout.

And, that, my friends, is how you tell people that the elections is not a very important event and that votes are insignificant.

I thought… I thought, voting is very important? I thought, that some institutions have been campaigning that every single vote is significant and that we should all go to our assigned precincts on vote day and go vote.

Telling the media, and everyone, that the ComElec itself is not expecting all registered voters to actually vote is note a very good way to say, “Your vote is important.”

Fifth, and, hopefully, I didn’t miss anything else because five is already too many, the 380Php over-expensive ballot secrecy folders. I mean, 380Php for one folder? Are you kidding me?! I know it is made of the same material used for the ballot boxes but the folders doesn’t have to be made of such materials.

Thank God it was discovered and trashed before the Philippine government was able to waste hundreds of millions of pesos for something rather insignificant. If it wasn’t, someone, yes, most probably, someone will already have been a few millions richer.

Now, how can we trust our so-called “Commission on Elections” to handle this year’s presidential elections given all these?

Or is it just me who sees things this way?

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